tire swing in snowA tire swing looks a little less inviting in the mess falling on Eudora today (photo by Eudorareporter.com photojournalist Julie Stewart)

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Update:  With the heavy wet snow that hit Eudora earlier today, it made for perfect snowman making weather. (Editor’s note: And how come everyone makes “snowmen” how about some good looking “snowwomen”?)

9 foot snowmanThis 9 foot tall snowman was built by Kurtis Michael near 14th and Ash streets in Eudora. (Photo submitted by Tracy and Adam Strickland)

Jayhawk snowmanThis snowman is showing his Crimson and Blue colors on a very white day.  Amanda Herrmann of Amanda’s Dance Academy posed with this snowman built by one of her neighbors.  The only question about this guy is can he play football? (Photo courtesy of  Amanda Herrmann)


Original Story:

Winter Storm Rocky hit Eudora early Tuesday morning with a punch to the gut.  Unlike last weeks fluffy white flakes, this storm packs a very heavy wet snowfall.  Trees and power lines are burdened with the large amount of snow.

With a heavy, wet snow buildup on those trees and power lines is power outages.  Public Works Director Mike Hutto says there are a few power outages around town.

Snow TreeA tree heavily laden with snow.  (Photo courtesy Kim Neis)

“So far, I have reports of 6 or 7 customers without power,” Hutto said. “We are working as hard as we can to get to those customers and get the power reconnected.”

Hutto was trying to plow a route to one of the affected customers as we spoke so trucks could get to the affected customer.

“We will get to all the outages as soon as possible,” Hutto added. “It’s just real tough right now with the snow continuing.”

The Westar Energy outage map, which does not report outages inside the city, shows an additional 6 or 7 outages to the south and east of Eudora.

Snow is expected to continue through the morning hours. Hutto estimates that so far, Eudora has gotten 8 inches of snow.  Unless it slows down soon, look for another approximate 2 inches yet to come.

Police and state officials recommend that unless you absolutely have to go somewhere, you should not venture out. All roads and highways are snow packed and slick. Extreme caution should be used if you are out on the streets.

We will continue to keep you updated on conditions and any additional closures/cancellations today.

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