EHS Students Jordan Ballock, (left) and  David Pierce assist Bill Smalley of Smalley Energy prepare to raise the wind turbine at Eudora District Stadium

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After nearly two years of hard work, the Eudora School District erected their new wind turbine near the concession stand at Eudora District Stadium on Thursday.

Scott Keltner, a math teach and spearhead of the project was ecstatic to see the turbine finally in place.

“We had so many students on site and helping with the installation process,” Keltner said.

High winds were a possible issue with the raising of the turbine which towers 51 feet off the ground and can be seen from K-10 highway.

“We thought we were going to have to delay due to high winds. Fortunately, the Eudora City Electric Department brought a bucket truck and a grapple truck to help stabilize the turbine tower as it was tipped into place.  It was up and cranking pretty quick about 20 minutes prior to the beginning of our home soccer match on Thursday.”

The tower is expected to provide electricity to the concession stand and it will provide a way to help teach students about wind technology.

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2 Responses to Wind turbine erected at Eudora High School

  • Put up 500 of them and make our power free.
    The city is gigin us for way too much money for our power. it has gone up 600% in the last few years,

  • So Businessman, what you are saying, over the past few years, let’s just say 4 years, that your bills have gone up 600%. So if your bill is X dollars now, let’s say $200 per month, then you are saying the same bill, for the same equivalent time period was a mere $33 a month four years ago.