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Citizens in Eudora came perilously close to not having any water service Wednesday afternoon.  Around 3:15 PM, a water main located at the intersection of 14th and Ash Streets broke causing a large leak.  Public Works Director Mike Hutto described the leak as a major water main break.

“While the number of houses affected is in a small area, the leak is a large one,” Hutto said.

While crews were trying to fix the leak, catastrophe struck when a valve used to turn off water to the immediate area broke sending water cascading down the street.  The continuing rush of water continued for some time as crews determined how to try and stop the leak .

Around 5:30 PM Hutto said that the city’s water tank located on the east side of town was down to a dangerously low eight feet of water.

“If we can’t get this shut off soon, we will run out of water,” Hutto stated. He asked citizens to conserve water for a time hoping that the tank would have enough in it to keep the taps flowing.  Luckily, City Crews were able to come up with a fix by 5:45 PM for the blown valve and were able to shut off the water before the tank ran out.

“The tower on the west side of town is out of service right now while it is being painted,” Hutto told us. “So the only tank serving the north side of K-10 is this one.”

Hutto said that crews will working well into the evening hours on Wednesday to repair the broken main. Citizens living on Ash Street between 12th and 14th Streets, along with those on Birch Ct. will have no water service until the main is repaired. All other citizens living north of K-10 will see diminished water pressure while the reservoir tank refills.  Those to the south of K-10 are not being affected.

This is the third water main break in the city since the start of 2015. When asked why there have been so many water main breaks this year, Hutto stated the cause is an extremely mild winter.

“When it’s a dry as it was this winter, the ground starts shifting underneath these pipes,” he said. “A leak in a PVC type pipe like this shouldn’t happen, but it does when it’s been this dry and your pipes are underground.”

Hutto said that the three water main breaks in just three months equal the number of breaks from the previous two years combined.  Hutto could not state if any boil orders for the affected homes would need to be implemented due to the break.  He told us that he would let citizens know if that would be needed.

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