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As of 4:00 PM this afternoon, voting has dropped off some. 62% of South Eudora has shown up to the polls, while north and West Eudora are just over 51% turnout. Central Eudora is behind with just over 47% of voters turning out. A quick check of sites around 5:00PM this evening showed no major lines or groups waiting to vote. We will see if the bedroom community folks head to the polls prior to closing time in an hour or turnout will be lower than expected.


Voter turnout is strong so far today in Eudora. The Douglas County Clerk’s office has released voter totals as of 10:30 AM.  Much of South Eudora has headed to the polls already as 43% of the population has cast their ballots.  North, Central and West Eudora were between 33% and 35% at each of the polling stations.  These numbers include those who cast their ballot prior to today up to 10:30 AM.  Advance mailed ballots that come in to the Clerk’s office today are not in these totals.  Jamie Shew, Douglas County Clerk had predicted total turnout levels near 70%.

We checked with three of the four polling locations in town. City Hall and the Rec Center reported that there was a short line initially as both locations opened up this morning but once the initial voters got through, there were no lines to speak of. Staffers at both locations stated that there was a steady stream of voters all morning long.

The busy spot in town is the Eudora Township Fire Station. Poll workers reported that there was an approximate 25 minute wait this morning as they opened up for voters to cast their ballots. Staff also indicated that while there have been no further lines, it has been busy all day.  They stated they now have had 53% of the registered voters show up.

Crowds are expected to pick up once again after 4:30PM when the work crowd arrives back in Eudora this afternoon.

We will have full coverage of the results of the election as numbers start getting released by the Clerk’s office.  Make sure to check back often tonight.

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