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A new law that went into effect at the beginning of this year that now requires voters in Kansas to have some form of photo ID to be able to vote.  If you show up to the polls and do not have an acceptable form of identification, you will still be allowed to vote provisionally.  Voters who vote with a provisional ballot, are checked to ensure that they are eligible to vote and are usually counted approximately a week following an election.

According to the Douglas County Clerk’s office, If the provisional ballot is issued due to a voter not providing photographic ID, then that voter will be required to submit their ID prior to the Official Canvass the week following the election. If you can provide a photocopy of your identification, then your vote will count.

The office of Elections has stated that the acceptable forms of ID are:

• Driver’s license issued by Kansas or another state
• State ID card issued by Kansas or another state
• Concealed carry of handgun license issued by Kansas or another state
• US passport
• Employee badge or ID document issued by a government agency
• US military identification
• Student ID issued by accredited postsecondary institution of education in Kansas
• Public assistance ID card issued by a government agency

The following are the exemptions from the requirement to have a photo ID:

• Those who have a permanent disability that makes it impossible for them to travel to obtain a qualifying ID form and who are qualified for permanent advance voting status
• Members of the uniformed service on active duty who, if on duty, are absent from the county on election day
• Members of the merchant marine who are absent from the county on election day
• The spouse or dependent of a member of either the uniformed service or merchant marine who, by reason of the member’s duty or service, is absent from the county on election day
• Those citizens who have religious beliefs that prohibit photographic identification, who are required to fill out the Declaration of Religious Objection to Photographic Identification form, available from the Douglas County Election Office, or the Secretary of State’s office.

While time is running out, you can still obtain a photo Voter ID card from the Douglas County Clerk’s Office. There is no charge for these ID’s, but you have to provide some forms of documentation to obtain the ID. You also must already be a registered voter to obtain an Voter ID.

As to where you will need to go to vote,  here are the voting locations for Eudora.  We have also uploaded a map to show exactly what district you are in. The Map can be found by clicking HEREThe precinct you vote in is also listed on the card all registered voters recently received from the County Clerk’s office.

Precinct  50 – Eudora Church of Christ (West Eudora) – 1530 Winchester Road, Eudora, KS

Precinct  52 – Eudora City Hall (North Eudora) – 4 East 7th Street, Eudora, KS

Precinct  53 – Eudora Township Fire Station (South Eudora) – 310 East 20th Street, Eudora, KS

Precinct 54 – Eudora Recreation Center (Central Eudora) – 1638 Elm Street, Eudora, KS

For Republicans, the decisions to be made will be for the Kansas 42nd House and 3rd Senate District. House Representative Connie O’Brien (Tonganoxie) is vying for her third term against Sandra Bohne (Leavenworth) in the 42nd House District.  For the 3rd Senate District, House Representative Anthony Brown (Eudora) is being challenged by J.C. Tellefson (Leavenworth).

The Democrats have only one decision to make and that is for the United States House of Representatives. Robert V. Eye (Lawrence), Tobias Schlingensiepen (Topeka) and Scott Barnhart (Ottawa) are all running for the chance to try and unseat incumbent Lynn Jenkins in November.

The polls will be open on Tuesday from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM. Starting after 7:00 PM, we will bring you live election results for the races.  Make sure to check back frequently throughout the evening for up to the minute results.

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