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Eudora Police are investigating a case of vandalism at Eudora District Stadium late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

According to Sgt. Tom Willis of the Eudora Police Department, vandals spray painted several profanities and graphic symbols on the field turf, the concession stand and the water tower.   Eudora Police are estimating the damage at just over $25,000.

According to school district officials, the district will be working with ATG, the construction company that built the stadium last year, to assess all the damage and determine the best plan for repair.

While the assessment goes on and repairs are made, the stadium will be locked and not accessible to the public.

“This stadium is a brand new facility that our district’s taxpayers put forward for the community, with the idea that it would be open for everyone to use and enjoy,” Superintendent Don Grosdidier said. “So it is deeply frustrating that the acts of a few have taken this facility away from us all.”

The Eudora Police Department is asking anyone that may have information about the vandalism to contact the Eudora Police Department at 785-542-3121.

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21 Responses to Vandalism at Eudora District Stadium

  • How very sad that a few can ruin things for the rest of us. Whatever happened to respect for others and the community? I hope they catch who ever did this and make them pay restitution. If they are minors and cannot pay, then tack it on the parents property tax bill. Why should we have to pay for the repairs.

  • Very sad and disappointing to hear. I hope there is some kind of notice posted to explain to those not “in touch” why this wonderful facility is not available. I truly hope someone comes forward. Kids don’t have any idea how costly graffiti is to remove. Just as they don’t have any clue how damaging skates/skateboards are to hand rails and such. They just don’t think…

  • That is just SAD :(. Parents need to question their children especially if they had spent the night with a friend and ask the parent if the kids were in all night.Kids are not making the right choices when they damage public property.

  • I assume the district has insurance for this kind of thing?

    • Per the school district’s statement: Depending on what the estimate is from ATG, it may be submitted as a claim to the district’s insurance.

  • Time to start checking the usual suspects, What about those high dollar security cameras I see in the parking lot there ? were those on, working or are they just for show ?

  • What a shame. I just moved here and I am excited for the school year and football to get underway. It is disappointing that the selfishness and stupidity of a few have to ruin something for the whole community.

    When the complex isn’t closed due to these idiots, is it open to walk/run on the track or can you only do that at the old complex?

  • So frustrating. Same goes for all public areas in town (public parks, etc.) that people feel they need to destroy. They don’t realise that it belongs to everyone…. It is NOT for them to destroy. It’s not my place to say, but maybe we should look into a few groups of teenagers that tend to hang out at the parks and are not using them for the right purposes.

  • Lots of comments made about kids or checking the “usual suspects” – why should anyone jump to conclusions that it was kids or even anyone from Eudora – Isn’t this “profiling” – we don’t want our police department doing it, why should the citizens? I believe there was some sort of tournament last weekend that brought lots of people from other towns and cities – someone could have held a grudge on the outcome of games. Adults are just as capable of destroying property as children are and this could have just been a random act by someone not at all associated with our community. Best to let our police department and the school district handle this investigation, as they are paid and trained to do this sort of thing and not make judgment on others. It is sad that many suffer for others decisions, and that this occurred to a great facility, but all we can do is move forward and do what we can to prevent it from happening again. Why does this field need to be opened to public 24 hrs a day, can’t it only be opened during certain hours? Especially given that Law Field is still available for use as well.

  • Sadly, some parents don’t know and don’t care what their kids are up to. Offer a reward for information and see if the little punks will sell each other out. There’s also been vandalism at school playgrounds in the Blue Valley school district and in Tonganoxie and McLouth. Someone’s got a real grudge against happiness.

  • I still say check em : )

  • I will start it off with a $50.00 donation for a reward fund.
    If someone turns in the person or persons who did this and it puts them behind bars or makes them pay to fix it , i will toss in the first fifty bucks ( to be handed out by Eudora PD )
    Anyone else want to donate ?
    Time has come for us to get the bad seeds off the streets and make parents pay for the kids they let run wild. I see kids running the streets all night long ( 10 to 16 years old ) and that shows some pretty poor parenting skills.
    I say if the person or persons who did this are caught and they have no money and are under age, put Mom and Dad in jail !

  • @ Businessman

    Great Idea, I will throw in $50.00 as well.

  • Things like this happen. Everyone can post on forums liek this and think they have the solution. All of you have to remember when you were all kids. I bet the adults of the time also said how you were a bad kid or kids and that you shouldnt be doing this or that. I hate people who point fingers. Also, I have to agree, it might not have even been someone from Eudora. When it comes to sports, so many people take them to serious. Its just a game, but parents and kids get so mad when they loose or the game doesnt go their way. Where has good sportsmanship gone? Bottom line, its just a game. Someone has to be the looser, someone has to be the winner. I like the reward idea, but doubt if it helps. If it was kids, the money isnt important to them.

  • I agree with Kim 100%. This is a terrible ordeal that needs to be taken care of by our law enforcement, not angry citizens. I cannot believe all the assumptions and profiling going on. If a teenager is hanging out in a park talking to their friends instead of swinging and sliding, doesn’t automatically make them a suspect. Frankly, I believe that throwing the parents in jail because their kids are out of control is not the answer. Where would that leave the children…on the streets! Please let our police department do their job and stop passing judgment.

  • The Police checked em, I hear an arrest will be made very very soon

  • Well, they were students from Eudora. To bad, wish I had been wrong and most of you right. I have enjoyed the forum, thanks all for tolerating

  • So it is ok for kids to run the streets all night long at 10 to 16 years old ?
    Also if you read my posted words , it could be kids or adults, but whomever , they need to be caught and punished.
    LBJ you don`t feel parents should be liable for what their kids do while out running the streets ?
    As for it being just a game, yea, that i agree on, but when it comes to destroying property, the game is over it becomes an issue of crime. Maybe you as a child destroyed property and went too far, but 99% of the population has morals and do not destroy property and become a criminal.
    What is the curfue time for children under 16 to be home and not out running the streets ? Just wondering if we have one here in Eudora.

  • @ Belinda…..You use the phrases (not “in touch”), (they just don’t think) and (wonderful facility). As for the first two phrases, I believe that is where the school board was when they built our schools where they are now. Not “in touch” with the taxpayers when the exasperating amounts of money were spent on the lands in such prime areas. They just didn’t think about the logistical problems for the students to get back and forth each day. Wonderful facility, it should be for $2,000,000.00. I would venture to say that you, and the other board members involved in these decisions, don’t spend your personal household funds in such a frivolous manner.
    @ Kim and Twyla…..Let me pass judgement on the two of you.You are a good part of the problem with our society now days and don’t even realize it. Bleeding hearts. Don’t blame our kids, blame others. Let someone else, who is paid to do this, take care of the problem. Hogwash. They are our kids and our responsibility. Parents today are too lazy to keep track of what their kids are doing and are then surprised when they get into trouble. Send you kids to the pool every day so you don’t have to deal with them and hope they get taught the respect for others that they should learn at home. I had to earn my trips to the pool and was taught respect with a yard stick place firmly on my bare ass. Not one mental scar do I carry from it. I thank my parents for taking the time to raise me to know the difference between right and wrong.
    @ Businessman and Art…..If the school board is in such a hurry to find the culprits who did this, let them put up a reward. They have no problem throwing money around for prime land and walls that do nothing. When my kids were of “run the street” age, there was for sure a curfew. 11 p.m. I would get a call from the police officers to come get my child or they would give them a ride home.
    @L.B.J…..What does the game or sportsmanship have to do with all this?

  • Well, I guess we should all just shut up. Tony seems to think he is the only one entitled to an opinion. I guess we should leave everything for him to take care of. I’m sure he will do a wonderful job. “Not one mental scar” my *ss!

  • Oh, Twyla, you poor misguided woman. Your opinions are also welcome here if you really have one. It’s opinions like Kim’s, which you just agreed with but didn’t really have an opinion of your own, who wants us to blame the other person, not our adorable little brats, even before all the facts are known. Do your kids ride skateboards or bicycles? Do you believe the nuisance of the skateboards and bicycles downtown are from kids, or adults to keep Kim’s hopes of being right alive, from other towns or someone having grudges with the businesses in Eudora. Well it’s not. It’s kids from our little town who have not been taught the respect for other people that they should have been taught at home. You just chose to agree with Kim this time. Maybe it will be me you agree with next time, but if you should have an original thought or opinion, feel free to post it on here and I will gladly give you my personal opinion of it.
    Since you brought up the subject of your *ss, maybe it should have been paid a little more attention by your parents when you were growing up and you needed to learn a little respect or that what you did was wrong. And yes, I said “not one mental scar” did I receive from learning respect and the difference between right and wrong the way it was taught to me. Thank you, Mom, for every swat. I am sure they were delivered with love and not anger. I just wish that parents today would take the time and trouble to teach their children instead of wishing someone else would or thinking they were perfect the way they were. Both of mine have been raised to be responsible, law abiding adults and they are raising their kids the same way.
    Did my reply to Kim and yourself hit a little too close to home. I noticed your latest post was angry and the closest thing to an original thought I have seen from you on here. Good job.
    In conclusion, Twyla, I appreciate your thinking I have all the answers to today’s problems, and the fact that you think I would do a wonderful job with them. I also like to think I could but I have spent too many years living my life the way I was taught and am just too tired to take on the problems of a generation that is as self serving as yours.