Public Safety Building Construction accident SceneEMS crews assisting the injured worker at the Eudora Public Safety Building construction site on the morning of January 30, 2013

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A construction worker that was injured in January at the site of the New Public Safety building at 10th and Main in downtown Eudora has made significant improvements..

In an interview with, the fiancé of the injured worker gave us an update on his condition.

“Keith is back home now and doing really well,”  fiancé Sarina said. “He was in Overland Park Regional Hospital for 8 days and then spent two weeks at a rehab center in Lincoln, NE.”

Keith, who did not wish to have his last name identified in the story, fell approximately 10 feet from an iron girder into the concrete basement of the building on a cold and  icy morning January 30.  According to Sarina, it was likely that he was unconscious before he hit the ground.

“Keith does not remember the accident at all and no one else knows how he did it,” she told us. “Other workers there think that when he slipped he hit his head on a beam which knocked him out.”

Sarina reported that Keith’s progress in the rehab center surpassed expectations.

“He’s doing really well and healing up nice,” she told us. “He was only in the rehab center two weeks.  Initially they thought it would be two months or possibly more, but he was progressing so quickly, they let him go early.”

Sarina also said Keith was looking forward to returning to his construction job as quickly as possible.

Following the accident, several Fire Department members took up a collection from city employees to assist the couple with expenses.

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