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With the November elections squarely in our rear-view mirror, it’s now time to turn our focus to the local races that will be affecting Eudora in March 2015.

This year, three seats on the Eudora City Commission will up for a vote. Currently those seats are held by Mayor John Fiore, Commissioner Ruth Hughs and Commissioner Kenny Massey.

Four seats are being contested this year on the School Board.  The seats held by Board Members Mark Chrislip, Daniel Dickerson, Joe Pyle and Belinda Rehmer are all to be voted on this year as well.

Another interesting thing that will be on the ballot this spring will be a question about raising the City sales tax 3/4 of a cent.  We will be doing an in depth article on the sales tax question very soon.

As to the candidates running for the City Commission, no one has officially filed yet for any of the seats open. On the School Board, the only candidate to have filed so far is Bryan Maring. We have messages out to the incumbents to try and get an official on the record statement as to their intentions about running again. During informal conversations held in December with many of these candidates, many gave an indication that they would likely run again, but no one wanted to state on the record that they were indeed running again.

The filing deadline for the School Board and City Commission is Tuesday, January 27 at 12:00 PM.  Candidates for City Commission must file with the Eudora City Clerk at City Hall. The filing cost for candidates is either $10.00 or you can turn in a petition with four signatures from registered voters in the city of Eudora in lieu of a cash payment.  If a candidate is to file with a petition instead of paying the fee, the County Clerk’s office recommends that you file at least three days before the deadline so that all signatures can be verified prior to the deadline. They also recommend at least one extra signature on the petition to ensure enough valid signatures.

Candidates for the School Board must file with the Douglas County Clerk’s office at the courthouse in Lawrence.  The filing fee for school board is $5.00. A petition may be submitted in lieu of the $5.00 fee as well.  The Clerk’s office did not indicate on their website how many signatures are needed to file a petition for the School Board.

We will be monitoring who files for seats on the boards and have a full report once we reach the filing deadline.

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