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The failed experiment with Eudora’s only traffic signal came to a final stop on Monday night as the Eudora City Commission voted to remove the traffic signal located at 23rd and Church Street near Eudora High School.

In 2012, the City Council authorized the installation of a light at the intersection which would flash red during the peak hours of the morning and afternoon when school was beginning and letting out. During the remainder of the day, the light was to be a yellow flashing light at the intersection.   Some citizens, particularly those in the Meadowlark Subdivision, complained about the extended amount of  time it would take to try to turn onto Church Street during the peak hours.  While it took several months to complete the installation due to incorrect parts having been shipped with the signal, the light finally was put into operation in January, 2013.

Despite signs being erected warning drivers of the new signal, drivers were completely unprepared for the signal being used and on the first day of operation, a large backup in both directions of Church street occurred.    Traffic was backed up all the way to 29th street to the south and K-10 to the north.  Several commuters voiced their complaints to the Police department and on our website about taking at least 10 minutes to go from 29th street up to K-10.   In response to the outcry from the public, the city decided to turn off the light after two days of operation and it has been turned off ever since.  According to Police and Public works officials, the new light also made the intersection more dangerous than it already was as some drivers were not paying attention to the new signal and would run the red light.

In March, the city commissioned a traffic study of the intersection by McCurdy Engineers to analyze the intersection and see what options were available to the city to improve the intersection.  According to the study, the engineers stated that while the traffic conditions for an hour in the morning and afternoon on school days would meet the criteria for a traffic light at the intersection, it would just barely meet those standards and with the cost involved, it was not recommended.   The study estimated the cost of a fully functioning traffic signal at the intersection to be approximately $140,000.  The report further added that based on the data from their study, it would be better for the city to monitor growth in the area and reevaluate the intersection in the future.

The light will taken down by Public Works crews and be put into storage for possible later use.

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10 Responses to Turn out the light

  • Why not do like they have done at 14 th and Church St., 10 th and Church St and 10 th and Main St. put in a four way stop .

  • Because a stop sign would cause the same problem the stop light did, major traffic backups on Church St. Do we really need everyone coming to a complete stop on Church St. 24 hours a day? That’s what we’d get with a stop sign.

    Putting that light in was a major bungle/embarrassment by the City. Did anyone put any thought into the project before putting it up? Obviously not, or the experiment would not have lasted a mere two days.

  • You could say the same things about the other four way stops in town, they are not needed 24 hours a day. But are needed at certain times of the day. So, this would be the chaepest way to fix the problem just as they have done other places in town.

  • Why not put a regular light with red, yellow and green in there. I agree that something needs to be done and that sure is a better solution than what they had. I never did understand how what they did was expected to work.

  • Too bad the money already wasted on this project can’t be spent towards the $140,000 needed for a regular traffic light.

  • Agree with Mike’s last comment. Should have been done right in the first place – what’s new?
    All the studies and opinions about what a pain that ‘useless’ stop light was will change when someone’s kid gets hit/injured trying to squeeze into the traffic on Church from the high school parking lot because they get tired of waiting to get out.

  • I didn’t realize a “real” traffic light costs 140,000. Something needs to be done, but I don’t know about 140,000.

  • Teach the morons how to drive !!!!!!!! Its a very simple fix and was on the original plan for the new schools , BUT the city did what they do best and FAILED to make the district put the rear road out to the northwest to let traffic flow smoother and eliminate the big rush of a whopping 100 cars out..Now the city has a useless light that they can put on ebay for $10.00 Just wait till the new fire dept is done and put it on main street to snarl up the shoppers who go downtown to shop, owh yea nobody does that !!!!

  • Instead of spending the money on a sidewalk to nowhere over k-10,how about using it where it’s needed??

  • Why not elect a school board that is smart enough to realise that this was a stupid place to put the schools in the first place……All 3 school locations are a traffic and walking/bike riding joke……I am sure that the money spent on the premium locations wound up in the proper hands, though..