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Update to the story –  The following was posted in the comment section of our Facebook page from the City of Eudora’s officials Facebook account:

The City of Eudora has recognized the problem created by the stop light installed near the High School. As a result, the light will be turned off on Monday, January 14th. Beginning immediately, the city will conduct a traffic analysis to determine what options are best to improve safety at this intersection during high traffic periods. This study should be completed shortly and for minimal cost. The City will then act on the reccomendations (sic) of the study. Thanks for your patience with us as we seek to resolve this issue. While flawed, our efforts have been made with the best of intentions to improve the safety for drivers.

We will continue to follow the saga of Eudora’s stop light

Original story:

While Church Street may not handle the hustle and bustle of I-435 during the morning rush hour, it certainly looked much like the often gridlocked interstate highway this morning.

Commuters heading to work and parents dropping off kids at the schools were met with an extremely long line of traffic this morning as city officials turned on the new stop light at 23rd and Church Streets for the first time.

“There were cars backed up all the to 1200 Road,” an employee for Byrne’s Pharmacy told us. “It normally takes just a couple minutes to get to work and today it took me over 10 minutes just to turn onto Church Street.”

Eudora Police finally started using the red stop light portion of the signal on the light that was installed back in October.  The signal has been a flashing yellow light for the last few months and it was intended that the red stop light would be used only during the times when school was preparing to begin, when school let out and high traffic events such as football games.

“Today was the first day and obviously it didn’t work well,” Eudora Police Chief Bill Edwards said. “We tried out the light in the afternoons for the last couple of days and we had several cars run through it….so we added some extra signage as well.”

The signage and the fact that drivers who have not normally been used to the all way stop at the 23rd street intersection, caused a large amount of confusion today.

“We are hoping that once people get a little more used to it (the stop light), it will reduce some of the backups,” Edwards stated.

Edwards also said that officers have been monitoring the intersection and will continue to monitor traffic flow on Church Street to assist the flow of commuters.

“We are going to give this a chance and see if it improves with time,” Edwards added. “If we need to make adjustments, we will.”

The signal is set to be flashing yellow except during the peak hours of the morning and afternoon.  During those peak hours, the light is supposed to be a flashing red light and the intersection should be treated as an all way stop.  Drivers should treat the intersection just like they would at 14th and Church Street.  You might also want to add a couple more minutes to your morning commute as well, at least when school is in session.

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6 Responses to Traffic Tieup causes headaches for Eudora drivers

  • This will NOT improve with time. This is a highway that is traveled by many people that are not residents and that do not have children attending EMS or EHS. Now instead of having a long line of people trying to turn left out of EHS, there is now a HUGE line trying to turn left out of EMS. This light is a joke. If we’re going to have a traffic light, it needs to be a full signal with red, yellow, and green.

  • This is a crazy intersection and something needed to be done, but not this. I called the police department months ago and asked if the officer on duty in the mornings could help direct traffic, unless the officer was called away for an emergency. What is the officer on duty at that time doing that would be more helpful than this? Instead, we paid for the stoplight, it is a huge mess, and we had an officer directing traffic.

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, comes to mind here. Was there really such a big problem before?

  • Yes, there was a big problem before. It is a complicated intersection, with 2 lanes leaving the high school, two lanes leaving Meadowlark, and 2 lanes heading south on Church Street. There are lots of near-miss accidents, with impatient and inexperienced drivers. Trying to turn left out of Meadowlark or left out of the high school can take 10 minutes. Drivers going straight through on Church street probably didn’t notice the issue, but drivers that needed to turn there certainly did.

  • Why not a street west of the schools to 20th st. to alleviate some of the before and after school traffic? Or would that interfere with the promised but never realized pedestrian bridge over K10 at Elm street? Or we could always move the schools out onto 7th street where they should have been in the first place.

  • The light is STUPID and had no thought before it was done.
    Put a road out the back as was in the plan when the schools were built.
    Move the schools to 7th street as was the plan due to a study that said to build them on 7th street in the first place, dumasses.
    A child will get killed due to the lights and then and only then will someone wake up and fix the problem.
    Wouldn`t hurt for John H to leave as city admin, he`s cost this city buzzzzilions in waste thus far.