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One thing holds true with all cities: Businesses open and businesses close.  In the last month, three businesses in the City of Eudora have or are about to shut their doors for the final time.

Past and Present Treasures at  729 Main Street downtown closed up a few weeks ago.  Kim and Jerry Hunter are moving their shop to 207 W. Dennis Ave. in Olathe.  The Hunters will be located at an established business, A Place in Time Antiques and Flea Market.

“We enjoyed meeting and getting to know the wonderful people that have are not only been our customers but turned out to become friends that reside in Eudora and surrounding communities,” Kim Hunter said. “I would like to thank our customers for their support and that we will miss seeing them on a regular basis.  Without them, we would not have been as successful as we were this last year we were in Eudora. ”

The Hunters expect to have their section of the store in Olathe fully ready to go by May 1.

Also closing up shop is The Filling Station which was located just up and across from past and Present Treasures on Main Street next door to Cami’s Cake Company.

Anita Mitts, owner of the story recently posted the following on her shop’s Facebook Page:

“Due to changes in our personal and professional lives our family business will end. We have truly enjoyed sharing in the joy and happiness of this community and wish you all the best.”

The last day of operation for the The Filing Station was April 7th.

The third business to close down is Java to Go located in the C & S Market parking lot at 14th and Church Street. Co-Owner Erica Ganson told us the decision to close was based upon income.

“I got a job offer the gives me more income and a little more stability,” Ganson said. “I couldn’t pass it up.”

Ganson added that the clientele for the drive through coffee shop was building steadily, but that the income was just not substantial enough to continue operations.

Java to Go will shut the drive through coffee shop at close of business on Friday morning at 9:30.

Editor’s Note: As a side note, we have received word from the owners of Rebel Roxie Rose that several people have reported to them they thought Rebel Roxie Rose closed up.  Sandy Clark, one of the owners, wanted us to assure readers that they are in fact open and should not be confused with The Filling Station.  Rebel Roxie Rose is located at 101 W. 10th Street in the location previously occupied by Byrne’s Pharmacy.  Rebel Roxie Rose is one of the many fine sponsors of

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4 Responses to Three local businesses close in the last 30 days

  • So sad to see these businesses go. I will really miss my chai tea at Java to go.

  • I too hate to see anyone close a business here in Eudora.
    People just dont shop here for a few reasons.
    1 – They dont know we have busineses .
    2 – They think its cheaper to drive into Lawrence or Olathe to save a $1.00
    3 – The tax rate is as high as any other town and we dont have enough businesses to draw anyone in anymore.
    Hate to say it but 2 other businesses are going to shut down soon as well.
    Good luck to the ones who tried and are moving on , best wishes for all.

  • There are many reasons businesses close besides lack of customers. Career changes, health problems, theft, and more. However, lack of customer traffic is the number one cause. Speculation that two other businesses will close will make the rumor mill really start up! Our business has been affected by a misunderstanding of which “gift shop” closed. We are more than a gift shop, but people refer to us as one and that is fine. Just to be clear, Rebel Roxie Rose is not planning on closing any time soon. Due to the nature of our business, our hours are flexible. Holidays (we extend our hours) and the craft show schedules (we have a following) will effect our hours of operation. Since we are primarily handcrafted, we and our vendors go to shows in the spring and the fall. There may be times we will be closed while we go to shows. That s why we leave a number to call, so if you need something and we aren’t there you can call and make an appointment.

    Please consider the damage it may do to suggest 2 other businesses may shut down. It puts a question in people’s minds about who is viable and who isn’t, which could further damage Eudorans shopping in Eudora. If you want businesses to stay here and not move or close, then get busy and shop at them. The grocery store runs specials that meet or beat Lawrence. Penny Annie’s moved from Lawrence to Eudora, the owners have lived in Eudora over 17 years. The quilt shop, Byrne’s Pharmacy, our hair salons, auto parts store, and more–all competativly priced and offering customer service like you won’t get anywhere but home. Our store has unique, locally made gifts that can be as inexpensive or less than the big box stores. We will all serve you if you will take the time to shop with us. Thanks Eudora!

  • You failed to mention another long standing business that receintly closed. Diane’s Beauty Shop. Diane Bretthauer had been in business in Eudora since the mid 1970s.
    She worked long and hard, for over 40 year, and was very generous over the years with sponsoring proms, sporting leagues,sporting events, school events, school sports, after prom parties, scouting and every other charity that came in asking for donations.
    Diane always kept her prices reasonable and always gave A1 service.
    She always went above and beyond what was called for her to do. Many a time she went to the mortuary when called to do the hair of a long standing client and friend.
    Many a time if a client wasnt able to get to her shop,because of old age, or other disability, she would go pick them up, bring them back to her shop, do their hair, and take them home.
    There are very few business owners i know of in this or any other town that do that.
    Diane finally retired and closed her salon at the end of 2011.
    Thank You Diane for all you’ve done for our town, and for being such a great person, and friend.
    You deserve a long and happy retirement.