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4/3/2013 Noon Update:

The final two precincts from Leavenworth county have now been counted.  The numbers increased ever so slightly and did not change the outcome of the election.

Eric Votaw: 326

Joe Hurla: 259

Mike Kelso: 239

Bryan Maring: 199

Original Story:

With most of the votes counted in the Eudora School Board race, it appears that all three School Board members will be returning for another four years.

Eric VotawBoard Member Eric Votaw (photo by photojournalist Mark Moore)

Eric Votaw was the leading vote getter with 320 votes.  Joe Hurla finished a strong second with 258 votes. Mike Kelso came in a close third with 235 and Bryan Maring finished fourth with 197.  5 of the 7 precincts that vote for the school Board had reported in Tuesday evening. The two precincts in Leavenworth County which account for only a handful of voters, will not be tabulated until the morning.

This was Maring’s second attempt at a seat on the School Board. Maring finished fifth in the 2011 general election.


Mike KelsoBoard Member Mike Kelso during the Meet the Candidate Forum March 12, 2013  (photo by photojournalist Mark Moore)

“I continue to be honored and humbled that the patrons of the Eudora School District put their faith in me,” Board Member Mike Kelso said. “I will continue to help put in place the policies that are best for our students, staff and tax-payers.”

We tried to contact the other winners of the night, but were unable to reach them in the later evening hours.

Low voter turnout highlighted a very low key campaign season for the election. We only observed signs for Hurla in various parts of town and Maring was the only candidate that we heard of doing a door to door campaign.

While exact precinct numbers have not been released yet by Douglas County, it appears that less then 10% of the electorate came out for the election.  At 3:15 PM the percentage was at 6.2% and our check with one of the polling locations at 4:10 PM showed no significant increase in turnout.

The final numbers from the election will be made official by the Douglas County Clerk’s office next week.

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