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This Week in Eudora History, will take a look back at some of the people, places and events, that shaped the history of this fine community. We will look at “the week that was” from times past.

For the dates of June 23 to June 29:

June 28 1995, 18 years ago

Eudora resident Aimie Heitzman became a U.S. Citizen three days before the Fourth of July.


June 26 1974, 39 years ago

Sharlyn Marie Hime became the bride of Richard Allen Fulks in a ceremony led by the Rev. Chester Mason at the Southern Baptist church in Eudora on June 8.


June 26, 1908, 105 years ago

The Kansas River approached flood levels for the third time in as many weeks.


Compiled by Patrick Fulks, a High School student from Eudora. Compiled from the Glenn Wineinger Newspaper collection at the Eudora Area Historical Society

The Eudora Area Historical Society operates the Eudora Community Museum which is located in the former Nottingham Elementary School at 14th and Church Street. For more information about the Eudora Area Historical Society, you can find them on the City of Eudora’s website or check them out on Facebook.







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