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This Week in Eudora History, will take a look back at some of the people, places and events, that shaped the history of this fine community. We will look at “the week that was” from times past.


For the dates of January 18 to January 24:

January 24, 1990, 25 years ago

Almost 100 people were at the recently held Tiffany’s Attic Showing sponsored by Eudora Recreation. It was a fun trip starting with lunch where each table got their own Kazoo who was your entertainer and waiter. The main play came next which was fantastic even bringing tears to the eyes of many. They event was called a success and plans for another are coming soon.

January 21, 1953, 62 years ago

Three engagements were announced this week and have lifted the spirits of many with the signs of young love. Lorene, Darlene, and Jaunita have all become engaged to their dream men and hope to live a long and happy life.

January 22, 1931, 84 years ago

This Monday evening many husbands entertained their wives at the oyster supper. About 100 people enjoyed their night at the I.O.O.F. hall with readings, music, dancing, cards, and of course oysters! It was a needed break from the times.


Compiled from the Glenn Wineinger Newspaper collection at the Eudora Area Historical Society

The Eudora Area Historical Society operates the Eudora Community Museum which is located in the former Nottingham Elementary School at 14th and Church Street. For more information about the Eudora Area Historical Society, you can find them on the City of Eudora’s website or check them out on Facebook.

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