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This Week in Eudora History, will take a look back at some of the people, places and events, that shaped the history of this fine community. We will look at “the week that was” from times past.


For the dates of January 11 to January 17:

January 14, 1970, 45 years ago

This Saturday at 1:30 funeral services were held for O.H. Altenbernd. Altenbernd who was a retired farmer and member of the United Church of Christ was a loved member of the community and will be very much missed. Now his wife and daughter are all that’s left to continue his legacy.

January 12, 1959, 56 years ago

Using only one substitute, the Eudora High basketball team crushed Tonganoxie in their second Little Six game. With Guenther leading the team with 10 points, Eudora shut the game down by half-time and won with a score of 19-8.

January 17, 1908, 107 years ago

Farm house razed to the ground. The two-story house of J. F. Rogers was completely destroyed Wednesday morning at about 9-o’clock. Damages totaled to $1,500 and no cause has been identified. Luckily no one was hurt.


Compiled from the Glenn Wineinger Newspaper collection at the Eudora Area Historical Society

The Eudora Area Historical Society operates the Eudora Community Museum which is located in the former Nottingham Elementary School at 14th and Church Street. For more information about the Eudora Area Historical Society, you can find them on the City of Eudora’s website or check them out on Facebook.

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