Kansas 3rd District Senate Candidates (l-r) Anthony Brown (R), J.C. Tollefson (R), and Tom Holland (D)

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Last Thursday night, a three judge panel chopped up the boundaries of almost every House and Senate district in the State of Kansas.  What this means in Eudora is that the city of Eudora proper is now in the 42nd District in the House of Representatives and just south of the city limits is in the 10th District. Preciously these areas were all located in the 38th District.  The jockeying for seats by the currently serving legislators also got very interesting.  The entire area will remain in the 3rd District in the Kansas Senate.

With that redistricting, candidates scrambled to decide if they wanted to move, retire or run for seats in districts they previously were not in.  Anthony Brown pulled the biggest stunner of local politicians when he decided to make a run for the 3rd District in the Senate.  Brown has served four terms in the House and decided that he wanted to continue to represent Eudora.

“I didn’t like not supporting Eudora,” Brown said. “It really bothered my that I couldn’t represent the city anymore.”  Brown lives just south of the city limits and therefore would have had to run in the 10th District if he had desired to stay in the House of Representatives.

Brown will have a primary challenge to face in August becuase Republican J.C. Tellefson has also filed for the 3rd District.

“I filed back in January because I knew I wanted to run for the Senate,” Tellefson stated.  “I want to lower the volume of discord in the Senate.”

Tellefson is a resident of Leavenworth and served one term as a Levenworth County Commissioner.

“I’m proud of my record as County Commissioner, I’m fiscally conservative and socially moderate,” Tellefson added.

One of Tellefson’s first acts as County Commissioner was to pass the initiative to improve Leavenworth County Road 1 which led to getting the Turnpike exit located between Tonganoxie and Eudora.

The Republican primary will take place August 7 and the winner of that race will face Incumbent Senator Tom Holland in the General Election November 6.  Holland has served one term as the 3rd District Senator and served three terms as the House Representative for the 10th District prior to moving to the Senate.

The other race that will be interesting to watch is the 42nd House District.  Two term Republican incumbent Connie O’Brien of Tonganoxie will face Republican Sandra Bohne from Leavenworth. Bohne ran an unsuccessful campaign against Melanie Meier in the 40th District in 2010.

We will focus on this race as we talk to the candidates in the 42nd in the coming days.   As we begin our in depth political coverage of the races that affect the Eudora community, we will be bringing you profiles of all the candidates and follow them along the campaign trail so that the our readers can make an informed decision in both August and November.

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