As most of you are aware, elections were held yesterday across the country. These elections will shape the course of our future. This will not only affect state and federal government in the next two years, but quite possibly four or more years as we head into the General Election in late 2012.

Late Tuesday night, one of our readers, Belinda Rehmer, posted the following comment on the story about election results. The editorial board thought highly of the non partisan comment and decided to post it to make sure all could read it:

From Belinda Rehmer:

I take voting seriously and believe the local elections are THE place my voice can make the most difference. I struggled with this election to find factual non-biased information so I could cast an educated vote. Because there are so many aspects to running our government I believe it’s imperative to know my candidates are going to be able to handle the multifaceted aspects of the job. I went to the polls prepared to elect the candidate most capable of leading my state forward. Apparently others did too.

For all the new and re-elected however, the hardest part of the job is yet to come. The people have spoken and you have been charged with straightening out a mess that has been decades in the making.

It wasn’t one Republican or one Democrat it wasn’t even one House or one Senate. We have been heading to this crisis for as long as I have been an adult. But now we have to work together to find a way to pull out of this dive without moving backwards in time. You have been charged with balancing the budget without cutting social services. You have been charged with cutting regulations and thinning out government while saving jobs and creating more. You have been charged with READING THE BILLS you are considering, BEFORE you pass the legislation! (“We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” Nancy Pelosi 2010)

You have been charged with funding education so we can continue to teach our children in smaller classrooms, at a young age, (Because data proves these things make a huge difference in the educational progress of our children), keep up to date with ever changing technology, and graduate 100% of the students ready for the workforce. You have been charged with fixing national health care and No Child Left Behind. All the while funding the growing number of special needs children, underprivileged families and maintaining our infrastructure through everything mother nature throws at us.

Please stay focused on the goal, remember you are all charged with the same responsibilities and you will not solve our problems by yourself. You must all work together to get us back to the nation our for-fathers dreamed of. Please use our constitution as your foundation and get back to listening to your constituents. It is a heavy yoke you bear, don’t forget to take it to the Lord in prayer!
As a side note, for all those who think the election season is over, it’s not. In April 2011, city elections will occur. This will be extremely important to our city in that the election involves three City Council members. While it may not affect the nation or the state, it could have a huge impact on our community. The City Council is the main governing body of the city. will be providing full election coverage throughout the coming months. As of the time we posted this story, we have received word from Maria Nelson that she we run for re-election. Jeff Petterson is undecided and we were unable to reach Ruth Hughs so far.

If ten candidates or under run for these positions, a general election will be held April 5th. If a primary election is needed, that will occur on March 1.

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