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Kansas State Senator Tom Holland will hold a town hall meeting at the Eudora Rec Center on Saturday, March 30 at 11:00 AM.  Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Holland will listen to comments, questions and concerns about Kansas State Government and the current legislative session. This is Holland’s second Town Hall meeting in Eudora in 2013. During the first meeting, much of the talk focused on education funding and bills that were likely to be making their way through the Kansas House and Senate.

Holland represents the 3rd District in the state of Kansas which covers much of eastern Douglas and southern Leavenworth counties including the entire Eudora area.







 State Senator Tom Holland (D-Baldwin City)

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Kansas State Senator Tom Holland met with about a dozen constituents during a Town Hall Forum at the Eudora Rec Center on Saturday.  Holland, who recently started his second term as State Senator for the 3rd District, spent nearly an hour talking about the proposals in front of the House and Senate in the Legislature.

Holland spent a majority of the Forum discussing the Governor’s proposed tax plan. Governor Brownback announced during his State of the State Address a proposal that included lower income tax rates for workers but eliminates the mortgage deductions for homeowners and keeps the sales tax in place that is scheduled to sunset later this summer.

“We have a tax plan that this year, fully annualized, will cost us $803 million just the first year alone” Holland said. “When I say the cost, that’s the huge cut in income tax less the elimination of various tax credits that make up that bill.”

Holland also took issue with the Governor’s desire to eventually eliminate the state income tax.

“Income tax, both individual and corporate, make up half of our total state revenue stream,” Holland stated.  “What it means to me, is that you will see a significantly much more regressive tax system in the state..much more heavily loaded up with sales taxes at the local and state level.  There’s already significant pressure on property taxes, your going to see those go through the roof.”

Some notables were in the audience as well to hear what Holland had to say. Jolene Born who is currently running for City Commission as well as several leaders of the Eudora School District were in attendance.  Superintendent Don Grosdidier along with Board Members Mike Kelso (also running for reelection) and Dr. Daniel Dickerson seemed fearful of what could happen to the School District in regards to School District financing that is currently before the State Courts.

“The one critical piece is the whole issue of equity within schools, “Grosdider said to Holland.  “If you take the courts out of it and leave it entirely up to a one-sided legislature and a one-sided governor and do something like reducing the cap on the LOB and local governments to raise as much as they want, the Johnson Counties of the world can easily fund their schools at the level they need to be funded, but a community like Eudora cannot and we go back to what we were before 1992.”

Holland, one of only 8 Democrats in the Kansas Senate, admitted that it will be difficult sledding to try to makes changes to the plan with a conservative House, Senate and Governor.







State Senator Tom Holland (D-Baldwin City)

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State Senator Tom Holland will hold a Town Hall meeting in Eudora on Saturday, January 26 at the Eudora Rec Center, 1630 Elm Street.  The meeting will begin at 11:00 AM.

Holland will update voters on the actions of the legislative session that began in Topeka last week.  He will also take questions from those in attendance and try to help address concerns the community has.

This marks the beginning of the second term in the Kansas Senate for Holland after winning in November.  During his first term, Holland held monthly meetings during the legislative season in Eudora and other cities in the District.



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Earlier this week, Senator Tom Holland’s campaign sent mailers to voters and press releases to the media with quotes from Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson claiming Holland was the only one willing to help in the effort to get cable median barriers installed on K-10 and attempt to get K-10 designated as a safety corridor.

Representative Anthony Brown, who is Holland’s opponent for the Senatorial seat in the 3rd District, disagrees with those claims.

“While Senator Holland introduced the Senate version of the safety corridor bill, I was was working the House side,” Brown said.  “I was lobbying the governor’s office trying to get this passed.”

While the Senate version of the bill passed, the House bill died in committee.

“The reason it died in committee was lack of interest,” Brown stated. “While the Mayor came to Topeka to testify before the Senate committee, he did not come to testify before the House committee.  The House committee members did not act because no official from Eudora came to the hearings.”

Brown also says that the Mayor’s claims that “We made numerous phone calls to our local elected state representatives” are erroneous.

“To the best of my knowledge, I never received any phone call from the Mayor at my home or on my cell phone about the cables or the safety corridor bill.”

Brown stated that while Hopson and City Administrator John Harrenstein did attempt to see him while they were in Topeka for the Senate hearings, Brown said he was in other meetings in the Capitol and was not able to meet with them at that time.

Brown did provide a copy of a text conversation that occurred between Brown’s wife Susie and Jodi Jackson. Jackson was one of the four women who created the Facebook page that kept the issue of cable median barriers in the public eye.  Hopson’s wife Tina was also involved in the Facebook group. (

In the conversation dated April 19, 2011, Brown’s wife gave Jackson Anthony’s cell phone number and email address. Brown’s wife stated in that conversation that “He doesn’t have a decision directly in this, but definitely can facilitate contacts and direction to KDOT.”

Brown also provided a letter sent to him by Secretary of Transportation Mike King from July of 2012, where King updated the progress of the project.

“I am aware of your strong support for the construction of cable barriers in the median of Kansas Highway 10 in Douglas and Johnson Counties,” King said in the letter.  Later in the letter, King added that “Your support and advocacy in your community has been indispensable.”

The push for cable median barriers on K-10 began after a crossover accident took the life 5-year-old Cainan Shutt on K-10 on April 16, 2011.





Sen. Tom Holland D-Baldwin City

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Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson today formally endorsed Senator Tom Holland, D-Baldwin City, in his bid for re-election to the Kansas Senate’s 3rd District.  Hopson endorsed Holland over Holland’s challenger, State Representative Anthony Brown, R-Eudora.

In a press release from Holland’s office, Hopson laid out his reasons for backing Holland.

“When tragedy struck on K-10 Highway, there were several communities that came together in an effort to make the highway a safe place for all. We made numerous phone calls to our local elected state representatives. Only one stepped up to help,” said Hopson.

Holland worked with City of Eudora, Douglas County, and KDOT officials in the effort to get cable median barriers installed on K-10 Highway.  Holland also worked to introduce Senate Bill 342, the Safety Corridor Act, which would utilize appropriate signage, education, and enforcement programs to reduce accidents on specifically designated highway segments where accidents frequently occur. The bill passed the Senate but died in a House Committee and was not put into law.

“Senator Tom Holland answered our calls, assisted our efforts and made that stretch of highway safer today. That is leadership. That is what we need in a State Senator, not someone who will turn his back on us in a time of need,” Hopson continued.  “Tom Holland is a leader we can depend on, he is not afraid to step up and fight on our behalf.  That is why I endorse Tom Holland for Kansas Senator”.

Holland served three terms in the Kansas House of Representatives before being elected to the Kansas Senate in 2008.  He is the Ranking Member on the Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee.  He also serves on the Senate Interstate Cooperation Committee, the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee, and the Joint Committee on Information Technology.

Holland will appear in Eudora at the Meet the Candidates – The General Election forum along with his opponent, Representative Anthony Brown on Sunday September 30. Also scheduled to attend the forum will be the 2nd District  U.S. House of Representatives candidates Lynn Jenkins and Tobias Slingensipien along with Kansas House of Representatives District 42 candidates Connie O’Brien and Harold Fevurly, Jr.  The Forum will be held in the Eudora Middle School Auditorium, 2635 Church Street.  The forum will begin at 1:30 PM.