Tina Hopson

(l-r) Misty Thakker, Jodi Jackson, Tina Hopson

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Four women from Eudora are hoping that they, along with the support of thousands of registered voters, can convince the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Governor to install cable median barriers along K-10 from Lawrence to Kansas City.

Tina Hopson, wife of Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson, Jodi Jackson, the women who created the Facebook page dedicated to getting the cable barriers installed, along with Misty Thakker and Jessica Bateson are working on a petition that they will be circulating throughout the area to be signed and then be presented to KDOT and hopefully the Governor.

The group hopes to keep this issue of cable median barriers on the minds of both KDOT and the Governor. “The more people that sign this petition and keep e-mailing, it will keep the pressure on KDOT to install cable barriers” Hopson said.

Jackson, in response to KDOT’s stance at a press conference last Friday where KDOT secretary Deb Miller stated that cable barriers may not be the best answer for the K-10 corridor, said “We know it’s not going to stop everything (referring to fatality accidents), but it will protect a lot of innocent victims.”

Jackson was one car in front of the accident that claimed the life of 5 year old Cainan Shutt on April 16 and Hopson was one car in front of the accident near De Soto in August 2010 that involved a Lawrence woman crossing the median and colliding with a Fed Ex Truck.

Governor Brownback recently directed KDOT to install rumble strips along K-10 in Douglas County this year as a response to the outcry of Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson and others, about the need for safety improvements on the K-10 Corridor.

“We think (rumble strips) is a really good start” Jackson said. “Any attempt to make K-10 safer is appreciated, but when you have someone with a medical issue, for example, it’s not going to wake them up.”

“This accident hit us all pretty hard knowing all those involved.” Thakker said. “We’ve got to continue to spread the word to other people.”

The four women are asking for those of voting age to make sure they are registered to vote, since only registered voter signatures will count in the petition drive.  The group plans on setting up events in both Douglas and Johnson County to collect as many signatures as possible.