Tammy Hodges

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Tammy Hodges has resigned as Director of the Eudora Parks and Recreation Department.  According to Hodges, the parting was very acrimonious.

In an interview with eudorareporter.com, Hodges stated that, while she used the words “I quit”, she also said that she was not given the chance to resign more formally.

“I was not given the time, nor the opportunity to leave with more dignity” Hodges told us. “I wanted to turn in a formal resignation letter and conclude out my time in a professional manner and I was told ‘no you’re done’ by City Administrator John Harrenstein.  Hodges stated that Harrenstein said she would be paid for a two week period, but that she had to turn in her keys and leave the premises.

When asked why she resigned, Hodges stated that she has felt that her role was undervalued and she had not received just treatment from the city. Hodges stated that the City Administrator told her that “he felt she was not taking a leadership role in the job.”

“I finally decided that I’m not going to sit and take that anymore.” Hodges said.

Sources also informed eudorareporter.com that a loud verbal discussion between the two took place inside City Hall on Tuesday morning.  It was during this discussion, Hodges informed Harrenstein that she was quitting.  At the conclusion of the discussion, Hodges was told to report to the Rec Center and Harrenstein would discuss the situation with her at that location.

At the Rec Center, Hodges stated, she was informed that she would be done immediately and a police officer was summoned there to assist her and ensure safety and integrity of city assets and property. According to Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker, this is standard procedure for all unexpected resignations and for terminations.  Hodges was then escorted home by a Eudora Police officer.

Harrenstein, in an interview with eudorareporter.com said “We appreciate the work Tammy did and for her service to the community.  We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

When we asked about the reported verbal discussions, Harrenstein stated that he could not comment on any of the discussions since it involves personnel matters.

“Our Parks and Rec Department, services and the Rec Center are poised for success and Tammy played a large role in positioning us to get there” Harrenstein said. “With our advisory group lead by Councilwoman Ruth Hughs and the citizens on the committee, I am confident our services will continue to grow.”