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With the Eudora High football team making it to the state championship for the first time in school history, you can expect to see a lot of school spirit from everyone in town this week.

The Athletic Department will be selling t-shirts at the school on Friday.  If you are interested in purchasing a state championship shirt, you can contact Cara Kimberlin at carakimberlin@eudoraschools.org.  The cost of the shirts is expected to be between $12 and $15.

According to an email from Kimberlin earlier today,  the small profits made from the sale of the shirts will benefit the EHS Athletic Department.  Kimberlin also stated that more information as it becomes available this week will be on the School District website and Facebook page.  The Nottingham School marquee will also have details on it later this week.

We also received the following notice  from Amber Wells of the Eudora High School Booster Club:

In addition to seeing the football team off to play for the 4A state championship in Salina at 7:20 am this Saturday, we would like you to join us in welcoming them home. No matter the outcome of the game (THEY WILL WIN), these boys have overcome a lot and worked their little tail ends off this season. The amount of heart and dedication each of them have contributed to a successful season is immeasurable.

Please join us and show them how proud we are of their accomplishment. We’ll meet them as they come off of the buses behind the school to congratulate them. They’ve made history!

Their estimated time of arrival is approximately 9:00 pm, but we know that could easily change. Please send me your e-mail address or cell phone number (to text) to wellsfire@sunflower.com if you want to receive updates of their arrival time. I will do my best to keep you posted and will try to give everyone a 30 min warning.