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The Eudora Parks and Rec wants to find out what you think. The City has put together a commission to learn how citizens feel about the current level of services offered by Parks and Rec and to help identify how best the community can be served by the Department in regards to possible future expansion.

The Committee has put together an online survey to help identify exactly how the population feels.  You can get to the survey from the following link:

As a thank you for filling out the survey, the Parks and Rec department is offering a one-day pool pass to all who complete the survey.

We completed the survey so we could see what was being asked. The information requested deals with your personal opinions of how the department is doing, how much you use the parks in Eudora and your thoughts on how best to expand services offered.

The survey closes on March 11, so you have a few days to complete this survey. Other than basic biographical information (age range, sex, etc.) no personal information is asked to participate.  If you wish to obtain the one day pass, you will need to give them your name and some very basic information so that you can pick it up at either the Rec Center or City Hall.