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Several citizens in the Eudora community have been dealing lately with a rash of power outages.  The explanation for the outages came from the City this evening via their Facebook page:

The city of Eudora’s electric system has experienced five “blinks” causing temporary power outages and one electric outage during the past two weeks. Two of the blinks in power were caused by squirrels and the other three “blinks” were caused from a failure in Westar’s transmission line. The city is fed entirely by electricity purchased from Westar and interruptions in their power supply will cause the city’s system to blink or fail from time to time. The single outage on October 17th was also caused by a squirrel. This affected the 800 block of Acorn Street for approximately one hour.

“We understand that power outages and blinks are disruptive to homeowners and businesses,” said Mike Hutto, “and we are working with Westar to determine causes of the problem as well as potential solutions.  In addition, we are thankful that the blinks that occurred on city lines were the result of squirrels and that the single outage in power was resolved within one hour. While disruptive, the blinks in power reflect that the system is able to recover itself after faulting.”

Until recently, Eudora power has seemed relatively stable and this helps explain the recent frequent outages.

We only wish the Rally Squirrel would have stayed in St. Louis to help propel the Cardinals to victory in the upcoming World Series. (Editor’s Note: I think we will refer to that statement as Editorial Comment.)