Skate Park

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Misty and Aaron Thakker along with Jimmy and Shawndra Rogers have started to circulate a petition in an attempt to urge the Eudora City Council to build a skate park in Eudora.

“We feel our kids don’t have a safe place to skate board,” Misty Thakker said. “Most of the kids will either skateboard in the street or at some business location and the potential of a kid getting hit is too great.”

Several kids have also joined the drive to get the petition signed and have been going door-to-door in Eudora asking residents to support the idea.

“If the kids are involved with this (the drive to get a skate park built), they likely will have a sense of responsibility,” Thakker stated.  “They will want to help keep it nice and maintain it.”

Vandalism at several parks in Eudora has been a problem over time. Vandals, in the past year alone, have caused damage at places like East Side Park, Lucy Kaegi Park, and Eudora District Stadium.

The idea of a skate park has been floated before the City Council in the past, but one of the reasons cited in not following through on the project has been lack of funding to build it.

“We have been looking into the possibility of applying for some grants and we have talked to some local businesses already about possibly helping with fundraising events,” Thakker told us.

Several businesses include Rebel Roxie Rose, Dr. Gerald Vidan, Gambino’s Pizza, Kaw Valley State Bank and Hair, Nail and Tanning Company have all agreed to have a copy of the petition available for residents to sign.

Thakker has some experience at this type of endeavor already. She was one of the four women who were responsible for the Facebook page in Support of the cable median barriers on K-10 and was a part of the petition drive that corresponded to that campaign.

Thakker has created a Facebook group for this effort which can be found HERE.

Thakker said that she hoped to have as many signatures as possible in the next couple of weeks so she can then go to the City Council.

“We have had the petition out only two days now and already have over 100 signatures on petitions,” Thakker added.