Ruth Highs

We may be only nearing the Christmas holidays, but  we need to start talking about this spring.  That is when local elections will occur. Hopefully it may be a bit warmer by then too.

There will be three positions on the City Council up for election in the Spring. If 11 or more candidates run, a primary will be held in March, otherwise the general election will be held in April.

So far, Maria Nelson has stated on the record that she will run for reelection. Ruth Hughs has not only stated she will run, but has in fact already filed with the county. The third candidate so far into the mix is Jerry Trober.

Trober is a retired city employee, who, in a discussion with, stated that he wants to run so he too can help improve the city.

Jeff Peterson, the other current City Council member up for reelection, has not yet decided if he intends to run. will be featuring all candidates in the race as we get closer to election time. If you know of someone who is planning on running, or stated their intention, make sure to have them contact us at