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One thing that is always certain with a web site is the constant need for change.  This point was driven home in a discussion thread of the story about the mayor’s letter that he  sent to Gov. Brownback.

Many of the comments in that section were a thoughtful disccussion on the topic of barriers along K-10.  A couple of the comments in that section were directed at one person: The Mayor.  One of those comments accused the Mayor of committing a crime. It was a misdemeanor crime that he was accused of, but none the less, a crime.

Our policy in regards to comments has been to allow comments on our stories so long as they did not use or contain profane language, racial, ethnic or religious slurs, advertisements that have not been approved or directed by the sales staff or were spam.

After a long discussion with the Editorial Board of this site and discussions with attorneys on the matter, we are now adding to that policy.

Our policy will now include the above mentioned items and include any statements that accuse a specific person of a crime, no matter how big or small the crime and any comments derogatory in nature against a specific person.

While the Editorial Board is vehemently opposed to any form of censorship, this step is necessary on this site for the purposes of protecting this web site and the people who use the comment section.  This will also ensure that this site will not be infringing on the rights of any person.

In all fairness to anyone who would be on the receiving end of statements of this nature, they are afforded rights also and should not have accusations made against them in a public forum where they have very little recourse and possible lack of due process.

We hope that our readers understand that this action was necessary.

For the record, this action was not forced by any person, including the Mayor, or any other individual. This policy came out of a discussion initiated by the Managing Editor of this site.

We apologize to the Mayor for the fact that these comments were allowed on the site for a period of time.

John Schulz

Managing Editor