PKMR Engineering

Ever since the Eudora Recreation Center opened in 2007, there have been issues with how the construction was completed.  The largest of those issues is the heating and air conditioning system in the building.  The heating and air systems, according to studies done on the system,  were improperly installed.  Other issues found during the investigation of the system is that the unit for the gymnasium is not adequate enough to handle the space of the room, particularly when in use. Also, shortcuts were apparently taken in the installation of duct work in the front area of the Recreation Center.

In the study done by PKMR Engineering, they found that two air handling units were apparently switched during the construction of the building. Because these air handling units are not with the properly sized evaporator units,  it causes high humidity in the locker rooms and the Wellness room. The Wellness room is the location for several pieces of exercise equipment. When you mix humid conditions with exercise equipment, you not only find an uncomfortable room to exercise in, it also causes damage to the equipment.

The obvious easy fix, would be to simply switch the units. Unfortunately, when the locker room unit was installed, the building was built around it, making it impossible to remove without significant removal and reconstruction to trusses in the attic of the building. The cost for removing it would be prohibitively more than simply replacing the unit.

Von Achen Chartered Architects also inspected the ventilation system in the attic. They found that the attic is not properly ventilated due to improper installation of a vapor barrier. Kurt Von Achen, Charmian of the Eudora Planning Commission and President of  Von Achen Chartered Architects, said that this vapor barrier, if removed, would provide more ventilation in the roof area and likely help reduce the humidity in the building below it.

If all the recommendations in the report were made, the cost would be approximately $105,000. PKMR stated that these repairs could be done in stages since the units are not all tied together.

The City council agreed to spend between $18,000 and $26,000 to remove the vapor barrier, install dampers in the front hall area that were skipped during construction and replace the unit in the Wellness Room. Once these repairs are made, a determination will be made on whether additional repairs will need to be made to rectify remaining issues.

Tammy Hodges, Director of Eudora Parks and Recreation, says these repairs are much needed. “If we leave it as is, it’s going to damage the equipment in the Wellness Room to the point where we have to replace it all.”