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UPDATE: We were factually incorrect with our story. The City Council now makes $200 per month, not $150 and the Mayor makes $250 not $200 per month. We regret the mistake and apologize for the error. The story below has been corrected.


At a recent City Council meeting, the Eudora City Council voted themselves a pay raise. In the past, City Council members received $150 per year.

While the City Council has discussed the idea of a pay raises for council members in the past, they never brought forward a formal proposal. In late June, the idea was brought with a formal proposal to raise City Council members pay to $200 a month and the Mayor would receive $250 per month for their services.  According to the minutes of the meeting, the resolution passed unanimously 4-0.  Councilman Kenny Massey was not present at this meeting and did not vote on the resolution.  This pay raise went into effect at the beginning of July.

(Editor’s Note: I was out of town and unable to attend this meeting so I was not hear any of the discussion that took place about this particular issue when the resolution was passed.  The minutes of the meeting reflected no discussion of this particular topic either.)

In past meetings over the course of 6 months where this had been discussed, council members had discussed that they felt they deserved something more than $150 per year for their time and efforts.  Both former and current council members have discussed over the course, how they spend a great deal of time researching and participating in events outside the normal City Council meetings that occur twice a month.  This includes preparation time for the council meetings, working with constituents either in person or via phone calls they receive regularly, and attending various committee meetings and functions that pertain to being members of the Eudora City Council.

At the last City Council meeting, where Councilman Tim Reazin and Mayor Scott Hopson were not present, Councilman Massey did bring up the discussion of the raises and asked if part of the new salary should be held back if a Council member was not able to attend a scheduled meeting. Massey referred to himself missing the previous meeting as a perfect example.   While there was no action brought in front of the council at the July meeting in regards to pay being restricted for missing meetings, there seemed to be some arguments to both sides of the issue.

Councilman Bill Whitten was against restricting pay since the money was not designed to compensate solely for the council meetings. Whitten made reference to the fact that the raise was given in part because of all the time commitments involved, not just the council meetings.

Councilwoman Ruth Hughs stated that she had similar thoughts to Councilman Massey about the same thing after the meeting where the raises were approved.

While there was no action taken, it seems there may be some more discussion in the future about the money council members receive.