Pavement Management

Your tax dollars at work.

The City of Eudora has approved spending $8000 to take a survey of each street in the city of Eudora. This Pavement Management System will measure each block in the city and check the condition of the roadway. This study is expected to take 60 days to complete. The grading system for the study, developed by the University of Wisconsin, will help determine when road maintenance, such as resurfacing or overlay work, needs to be done.  This study will not only look at the actual street condition, but also the curbing and gutter condition on each side of the roadway.

Editorial Comment: Let’s hope that when they do repair the streets it’s better than a layer of chip (or whatever that stuff is) like they did recently on several streets around the downtown area. Filling a pot hole or two would be a wise move also before they lay that stuff down.