Patrick Jankowski

At the Eudora Planning Commission meeting on December 1, Dr. Patrick Jankowski announced that he will be moving to outside the city limits after first of the year and therefore would be no longer eligible to serve on the Eudora Planning Commission.

Jankowski will resign his position effective February 1, 2011.

Kurt von Achen, Chairman of the Planning Commission, had nothing but praise for Jankowski’s service on the Commission. “He’s been great. He’s such a hard worker and always prepared. I really appreciated all he has done for the Commission.”

“I’m gonna miss him, but at the same time, I’m very happy for him. I know he’s wanted to move out towards the country for a while now.” von Achen said.

It will now be up to Mayor Scott Hopson to appoint a replacement for Jankowski. “I have no names yet to fill the vacancy.” Hopson said. “I’m going to be looking for someone and I want to listen to the Planning Commission members and particularly  CHhirman von Achen’s recommendations.”

The Eudora City Council will need to approve any candidate selected by Hopson.


The Eudora Planning Commission met Wednesday evening. Among the agenda items was appoint a new Vice Chairman for the Commission. David Montgomery, the previous Vice Chairman, resigned effective October 1st , as he has taken a new full time position in North Carolina.

The Planning Commission unanimously elected Dr. Patrick Jankowski to the position of Vice-Chairman.  Also on hand at the meeting was the new appointee for the planning commission, Grant Martin. Martin’s appointment is pending City Council approval at the next City Council meeting.

Martin has served as the Chairman of the Board of Appeals for the City of Eudora. Martin was born and raised in Lawrence and moved to Eudora, along with his family in 2003. Martin works full time in the dental sales business.  Martin stated that he hopes to help spur Eudora business development and smart growth for future housing development. He said he looks forward to being part of the community and commission “for a long time to come”.

If the City Commission approves the mayoral appointment, Martin would be seated at the next Planning Commission meeting in October.