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The Eudora School District on Friday evening signed a contract to sell the property at 14th and Church Street to longtime Lawrence developer Mike Flory.

That’s the easy part of the story. The complicated part is how this deal will work.

Aerial_NottinghamA satellite view of the Nottingham School/Laws field area and where it will be divided into four different sections. (Image courtesy Google Maps)

The land the School District is selling is being put into four sections. Sections A and B on the picture above include the baseball diamond and the Old Nottingham Elementary School.  This will be the first phase of development. On both of these sections Flory has a 4 month due diligence period to handle things like zoning issues, land surveys, building removal requirements and a variety of there development related needs.  (Editors Note: Our lines on this image are close to the location but may not be exact. I write, I’m not a graphic artist.)

Flory has in the contract, allowances for that due diligence period to be extended by 30 days, three separate times.  So the “due diligence” period could last up to seven months. The cost for the land in parts A and B are $425,000. Section C and D which are the Laws Field portions, could stay Laws Field for a while. Flory has a 5 year option for these portions of land.  The cost of sections C and D are $200,000 each. The grand total for all four sections is $825,000.

Now, what does Flory plan on doing with the land?

“The first thing is that the Parks and Rec Department will likely be offered a portion of land on the south end near the pool area,” Flory told the School Board. “I must say you have a wonderful facility there where I watched my grandson play basketball this winter.  But as I ran through the snow to get from my car parked all the way down the parking lot to the building, the thing I thought of was how more parking was needed closer to the building.”  Flory also said that he was thinking of possible Parks and Rec facility expansion as well for a portion of the property.

Flory went on to talk about how he would like to see more direct access to the Rec Center via a street through the Laws Field property.  He then stated that the first phase (which would start in the A and B sections of the map) would be a mix of multi-family housing units and a commercial development that would be in such a  manner to attract smaller retail entities.

The housing would like be on the west side (portion A) and the commercial development would be on the Church Street side (part B). When asked about what specific type of multi-family housing units could be built Flory said he was thinking duplex type units but said that was not absolutely certain at this time. He stated that he was rather happy with his Freedom Creek development located next to Free State High School and hoped that a development similar to that could be accomplished.

In regards to the commercial structure or structures, Flory again brought up the area surrounding Free State High School.

“It would be quality buildings that you see go up much like what is located up near 6th and Wakarusa in Lawrence,” Flory said.

6th and Wakarusa DevlopmentOne of the buildings in the 6th and Wakrusa area (photo courtesy Google Maps)

Flory’s last thoughts for the area would be a detention pond located near the southeast corner near the Tennis Courts that could have a fountain placed in it to serve as a storm water runoff and green space area.

We asked if Flory had any possible tenants already lined up for the commercial portion of his development.

“I haven’t talked to anyone yet,” Flory said. “I wanted to wait until I had a signed contract before I began seeking any retailers.”

There are some interesting portions of the contract.  During the due diligence portion, Flory can walk away from the deal at any time and owe nothing. The contract stipulates that all earnest money put down during the due diligence period would be refunded to him for pretty much any reason.

If the city wants a portion of the property for Parks and Rec Facilities, they will have to make a deal with Flory. The School District is selling the land in it’s entirety to Flory, albeit in sections and possibly over a long period of time.

The other interesting thing is how this will conform to the city’s Comprehensive Plan for the Nottingham/15th street area.  In 2010, the Planning Commission and then City Council passed a series of amendments to the Comprehensive Plan to attempt to ensure that no simple strip mall could be placed in the area .

Eudora Final GraphicFrom 2010, the artist concept drawing of the Nottingham/Laws Field area.

An interesting side note to the Nottingham guidelines is that some of the ideas Flory has were included in the artists concept drawing from 2010 including a fountain and the continuation of 15th Street from Church to Elm.

The big question remaining was when would all this happen.

“I would expect that by early spring, you might start to see some activity in the area,” Flory told us following the meeting. “There are of course no guarantees about precisely when because of a variety of factors, but I expect that would be a good guess.”

School District officials were extremely pleased with the interest of Flory in the property and commented on how his reputation for building quality projects in Lawrence were a key motivating factor in proceeding with this deal.

The final sticking point could be the tenants of Nottingham and users of the area surrounding it.  The Eudora Area Historical Society Museum is currently housed in Nottingham. They are working on restoring the old Trefz building at 720 Main Street as the future home of the museum. Ben Terwilliger of the EAHS stated that he believes the building downtown could be ready by the end of the year, but discussions would have to be held to see if the construction phase of the first floor could be completed quicker so that the museums artifacts could be moved in around the end of the initial four month due diligence period which will be in early October.

As for Farmer’s Market, it should not be affected this year. The market is scheduled to conclude in late August or early September which is well within the time of the due diligence period.

Flory said that in preliminary discussions with the School District, there would likely be no problem with the tenants of the building and users of the area to continue use of the facilities until the end of due diligence period.


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The City of Eudora, in conjunction with the Eudora School District, has issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) for the area located at the corner of 14th and Church St. This area includes the old Nottingham School and the Laws Field.

The RFP states that both parties are interested in finding a qualified developer to to construct a retail shopping center on the site.

Any development will need to follow guidelines established by the Eudora Planning Commission that they passed in September 2010. For a link to the story from September 2010 about those guidelines,  click HERE.

School District officials stated at the School Board meeting Thursday night, that they do not intend to take less than the final appraisal price which is slightly above $1 million dollars. According to Superintendent Don Grosdidier, the appraisal price takes into consideration “site demolition costs”.

For more information about placing a bid, developers are to contact Eudora City Hall and City Administrator John Harrenstein.


Could this be the look of Church Street?

(You can click on the picture for a larger version)

The Eudora City Planning Commission has released an artist’s concept of what they would like to see for the Church Street corridor as you enter the city off of K-10.  This artist concept is based on the Conceptual Plan adopted by the Panning Commission at the last Planning Commission meeting.

This drawing was described specifically as a concept and not a final design. There is no proposal to build this development on the table. This possible development would likely take several years to complete and could be done in multiple phases. The Planning Commission is looking to seek RFP’s (Request for Proposal) from master developers to enhance the area on Church Street between 14th and 16th Streets for commercial development.

If a master developer is found and the project does become reality, one of the recommendations made by the Planning Commission, was to study the feasibility of widening Church Street from the current two lane alignment to either three or four lanes.   Currently, according to traffic studies done for the city, Church street does not warrant widening it’s current two lane configuration.

This conceptual Plan is being added as an amendment to the city’s Comprehensive Plan already in place.

In response to a question about this area possibly being developed with a standard, simple strip mall instead of the artist ‘s vision, Panning Commission Charmain Kurt von Achen said “With the amendments we put in place, we are trying to avoid that happening.”