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The Eudora City Council passed several new ordinances last Monday which tighten restrictions on a variety of things including pets, transportation and, we will delicately word this one, “personal behavior”.

One of the biggest ordinances enacted was a skateboarding ordinance.   People can no longer skateboard, roller blade or roller skate on sidewalks, public parking lots, public facilities  in downtown Eudora or upon any sidewalk with 100 feet of any store, business place or public park.

Several of the downtown Eudora business merchants had complained to the Police Department about skaters using the sidewalks for skating and nearly causing injury to people coming in or out of  local businesses.  According to the Eudora Police Department, there were also reports of people using the statue of Eudora and Paschal Fish to do “sliding” or “grinding” tricks, thereby causing damage to the statue and surrounding plaques.

Bicyclists are also not immune from this ordinance.  You are no longer allowed to ride a bike on the sidewalk within a distance of 100 feet from any store, business place or place of assembly or where specifically prohibited by a posted sign.  Violating this new ordinance could could a skater or bicycle rider up to $45.

RV’s can no longer be parked on the street for longer than 48 hours and cannot be parked within 100 feet of an intersection at any time. Your travel trailer or boat or canoe (when on a trailer) cannot be parked on a street either.  You might also want to make sure your car stereo is turned down. It’s now illegal to have your car stereo turned up so loud that it can be heard over 50 feet from the vehicle. This includes either moving or stationary vehicles.  If you like to park your car in your yard, it now needs to be on an “improved surface”. You can no longer park your car in the grass.  Violating any these infractions can set you back between $30 to $100.  Illegal vehicle licenses/tags, overweight Vehicles and Federal Motor Safety Regulations were also passed in the traffic offenses section of the city code book.

Fido was not left out of the party either. If your pet decides to “number 2” in another persons yard or on public property, it is your responsibility to clean up after him or her.  If you violate this new ordinance, it could set you back a lot. The fine is at least $10 plus court costs.  One of the other provisions passed by the Council was to increase court costs to $93.50, so this one will be a minimum of $103.  Properly documented service animals are excluded from this regulation.  The Council also passed ordinances that involve procedures for cruelty to animals cases,  a more general description of “dangerous dogs” that is less breed specific, and regulations for dogs that could be a threat to public safety. These regulations mainly deal with those dogs that try to attack or bite another animal or person.

It’s now also unlawful, according to city codes, to carry a concealed weapon unless you have a concealed carry permit, carry a weapon into or near a bar or possess drugs or drug paraphernalia. You cannot “Interfere with Public Property” which means that you can’t throw or leave on a roadway anything that could wound people or animals or cause damage to property such as glass, tacks, nails or bottles.

Our favorites of the 19 new ordinances were the “Indecent Exposure” ordinance, the “Urination/Defecation in public” ordinance and the “missiles” ordinance.  While the first two of this section are somewhat self explanatory, the ‘missiles” ordinance refers to any ball, stone or other hard substance that is thrown, batted or propelled across a street or alley or against any building or vehicle with intent to strike, harm, injure or damage people or property.  While it wasn’t specifically stated in the law, we take it that your standard shoulder mounted surface to air missiles are also disallowed.

Many of these ordinances were already in force due to similar state statutes, but by having these ordinances on the books in the city of Eudora, it allows people to be charged locally in Municipal Court as opposed to District Court.

“We wanted to try to make ourselves more independent here in the city and handle things locally,” Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker said. “This will allow people who have committed a non serious crime to go through municipal court and not have to drive to Lawrence and go through the hassle of having to deal with it there.”