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A new law went into the books at the City Council meeting on December 27.  The new law specifically addresses window peeping and “Peeping Tom’s”.  The new law was put into place because there was no statute in the city that covered this specific surreptitious activity.

The reason this became a topic of late to the city and law enforcement officials, is because in October of 2010 in the 1300 block of Oak Street, a suspect was arrested after allegedly peering into the windows of a couple who live on the block.  According to Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker, the suspect was initially booked on a disorderly conduct charge, because it did not appear that there was a specific charge for the alleged crime.  Upon further review of this particular case, a charge of eavesdropping was later added.

The charge of eavesdropping covers a wide array of offenses and is more general in nature. While the alleged incident described above, was more severe in nature and eventually did warrant the eavesdropping charge, there was nothing that covered Peeping Tom’s and possible situations that were not as offensive.

With this new law, which handles window peeping a little more specifically, it allows the Police Department a little more latitude when filing charges against a suspect.  If the situation warrants the more severe charge, the eavesdropping law can continue to be used.  As Walker described it during the City Council meeting where this law was approved, “This gives our officers one more tool in their arsenal.”