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The Eudora USD491 School Board met Thursday June 9th to reflect on the former school year, honor those who have contributed to the district’s success and set plans into action for next year.

Jan Irby, Principal and Shelly Doughter, Assistant Principal at Eudora Elementary reflected on their young student’s experiences last year.  Increased enrollment due to the addition of pre-school resulted in creative reorganization of the existing space.  Workshops were added to give students additional instruction that targets their individual needs and a positive behavior system was implemented.  Music concerts in the new facility and the playground improvements were listed among the highlights of the year.  Other notable events were the second grade butterfly garden, sixth grade market day, the third grade Medicalodge visits and the delicious first grade lemonade stand.

Superintendent Grosdidier honored school board members Kenny Massey and Nancy Jackson who were stepping down.  Massey served on the board for 16 years and thanked his fellow board members for their service and support.  Sarah Johnson (Elementary) and Denise Kendall (Secondary) were recognized as the 2010-2011 Teachers of the Year.

Educating the whole child is the guiding philosophy of the Eudora School District.  Christina Mann, Director of Student Development and Partnerships gave her report on how the district is planning to make sure each student is nurtured emotionally to ensure academic success.  Her report centered on the districts strategic priorities funded by the Bridge grant with regard to student success. The goal to educate the whole child was reinforced by emphasizing the necessity for Positive Behavior Systems and Bullying Prevention strategies.  She discussed the outcome of the bullying survey Eudora students took and strategies the stakeholder team got at the recent conference they attended.

Funding was put in place for roof maintenance, technology upgrades in the high school and a state of the art graphic printer for use in the EDTECH program.  The printer has the potential to create revenue and save the district money in the future.

In new business:

The Board member computer needs were discussed.  Board members are to consider what sort of technology they will need to best perform their district function.

A salary freeze for 2011-2012 passed so that the administration can move forward with contracts.  It was understood that if economic circumstances change that this can be revisited in the future.

Classified and non renew certified administrative staff passed.

Engagement Letter to continue using Mize, Houser & CO. to perform the June 30th audit passed.

Official minutes of the June 9th School Board meeting and documents can be found on the district website through Board docs at:


1/18/2011 NEWS UPDATE

Mark Chrisplip has filed for reelection for his School Board seat as of this morning.

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We wanted to give you a quick rundown as to what we have learned about candidates so far in the upcoming elections.

First the City Council Elections:

Incumbent Ruth Hughs has filed for the campaign. Councilwoman Maria Nelson has stated on the record that she is going to file.

Challenger Jerry Trober has also filed for the election. Jeff Peterson, the other sitting council member has decided not to run.  Three seats are up for election in 2011.

On the School Board:

There are five seats to be put to a vote. 4 regular seats held by board members Mark Chrislip, Kenny Massey, Joe Pyle and Belinda Rehmer are up and Nancy Jackson was appointed to the board, so her seat is also up for reelection this year.

As of late last week, Rehmer was the only incumbent so far to file.  Chrislip  (SEE NEWS UPDATE ABOVE), Massey and Pyle stated they are still “undecided”. Jackson was unavailable to comment and has not returned inquiries.

Also filing for School Board seats are Dr. Daniel Dickerson and Bryan Maring. Dickerson practices at Eudora Family Care and Maring has been an instructor at the University and High school levels.

The filing deadline is January 25th.  As we get closer to the elections, we will have candidate profiles for all the candidates running in the election who choose to respond. will be your one stop location for election coverage in 2011.