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Senator Tom Holland who represents the 3rd District in the Kansas State Senate held a series of “Meet your Legislator” sessions on Saturday so that he could talk to the public and get feedback on issues important to them.

A small group turned out to meet the Senator and discuss topics that were relevant to them.  One of the topics on the minds of many in attendance was the state budget crisis.

Kansas faces an approximate $500 million shortfall in the state budget. Many Republicans in the Kansas House of Representatives are looking at the ways to cut that shortfall.  The consensus among the House members is that the only way to shorten the gap is eliminating overlapping programs and cut the overall budget. As public education encompasses nearly 60% of the state budget, Republicans are looking long and hard at possible cuts to this area of the budget.

Holland stated on Saturday, that not only education cuts, but cuts in state employee pay scare him. Holland feels the alternative to just cutting the budget is to look at the tax exemptions the state currently has in place.

“We’ve made changes to the tax policy and they have not borne fruit. We have to look at the exemptions and the sales tax. This is where we need to start.”

Holland plans on meeting with constituents on the last Saturday of every month while the Legislature is in session. For Eudora, that will occur at the Eudora Township Fire Department building at 310 W. 20th Street from 10:30AM – 11:15AM.

This is a good opportunity for citizens of the city and surrounding area to voice their concerns.


UPDATE: We have been informed that this “Meet Your Legislator” session is going to be held at the Eudora Township Fire Station and NOT at the Eudora Public Library. The time is still the same 10:30AM – 11:30AM Saturday.

Eudora News and

State Senator Tom Holland will visit Eudora Saturday morning as part of his “Meet Your Legislator” series he’s currently conducting throughout the 3rd District.

Holland will be at the Eudora Public Library, 14 E. Ninth Street Eudora Township Fire Station 310 W. 20th Street,  Saturday from 10:30AM – 11:30AM to answer questions from the public about issues concerning them.