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Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson started an initiative this week to try influence the Governor and  the Kansas Department of Transportation to install a wire barrier in the median of K-10 from Kansas City to Lawrence. This action was taken due to the two deaths that occurred on K-10 in a crossover accident this past Saturday.

The mayor has written a letter to the Governor and other state officials seeking their assistance.  The Mayor has also requested the other cities along  the K-10 corridor to join in his campaign and urge the state to act.

Currently, Overland Park is the only city to respond that they will also join in the letter writing campaign to the Governor and KDOT. The City of Lawrence has put it on their agenda to discuss the issue.

At the De Soto City Council meeting on Thursday evening, De Soto Mayor David Anderson brought the issue to the City Council and stated he was in favor of supporting the campaign. The De Soto City Council did not agree with the idea.

Lori Murdock, one of the newly sworn in members of the De Soto City Council, stated to Eudorareporter.com that the City Council did briefly discuss this issue at their meeting on Thursday night, and said the consensus was that it was “okay for the mayor to write a letter but there was not support on the council for it.”

According to Murdock, Council member Randy Johnson stated during the meeting that he doesn’t want to see those barriers put up out there.

Murdock did state that the De Soto City Council is not against an idea of a barrier on K-10, but wanted to explore other economical ways to improve safety on the K-10 corridor.  “We want to look at what other ideas can be done.”  Murdock said “We decided not to take a stance on the issue.”

Murdock also said the idea was floated during the discussion that reducing the speed limit on K-10 could be a possible solution in the effort to improve the safety on the highway.

According to Hopson, Mayor Anderson would not write the letter since it was the wishes of the City Council not to take a stance on the issue.

Calls to Johnson and other city leaders had not been returned at post time.

Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson in response to the City Council’s lack of a stance on the issue said “I would encourage citizens of De Soto who wish to support the effort, to contact their City Council Members.”