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The project to resurface K-10 and add rumble strips to the medians along K-10 in Douglas County has once again been delayed.

Kansas Department of Transportation Public Affairs Manager Kimberly Qualls stated that the project is now delayed until further notice.

“The contractor (Hamm Contsruction) wants to complete the majority of the I-70/KTA work before they begin the K-10 project, so that they have all resources dedicated to one project at a time,” Qualls said.

The project will include resurfacing the lanes in both directions of K-1o in Douglas County plus widening the shoulders and including rumble strips on all shoulders.

Qualls also stated that the contractor can finish the project by the original scheduled completion date (early November 2011, weather permitting).

Qualls added that KDOT will notify the public a minimum of two days prior to the project starting.


The end is dead and the beginning doesn’t look too healthy either

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We have received some questions about what is going on with the “Road to Nowhere” that is located in front of Dairy Queen at 15th and Church Street.

This road was old Church Road (now Church Street) and was the main access south of town many years ago.  This road was taken out of use when K-10 was built and replaced by the current strip of Church Street and the bridge across the highway.

Recently, crews came in and tore out the pavement access from Church Street to where it meets up with the old road.  We contacted both KDOT, who owns the old road, and the City of Eudora for an explanation.  According to KDOT spokesperson Kimberly Qualls and Eudora City Administrator John Harrenstein, the access to the road was taken out by mutual agreement between the City and KDOT.

“Both the City and KDOT realized there could be a safety issue with multiple people, primarily children, using the hill located next to this road for sledding and snowboarding.” Harrenstein said.  “We wanted to make sure that vehicles couldn’t drive onto the road and there would be an issue.”

Qualls told that the area where the pavement was removed has been seeded by KDOT crews and the dirt should disappear as the spring growing season begins.

Harrenstein also added that “The city would like to see the whole road removed, not just the access to it.”