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2014_04_05_Motorcycle_AccidentCrews remove the bike from the southside of K-10 involved in a one vehicle accident Saturday afternoon (photo by Eudorareporter.com Managing Editor John Schulz)

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Crews from around the area reported to the scene of a motorcycle accident on eastbound K-10 Saturday afternoon.  The accident occurred around 3:15 PM when a small high powered motorcycle lost control on the highway and land in a ditch along the south side of the highway.

According to Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter, the operator was a young male who lost control of his bike while traveling at a high rate of speed.

“The victim was transported to a Johnson County Trauma Center with serious but non life threatening injuries,” Keiter said. “Luckily he was wearing a helmet and it probably saved his life.  There was damage to the helmet but not his head.”

Keiter said that initially they were going to transport the victim via helicopter but called it off and decided to take him by ambulance to the trauma center. He added the victim appeared to have slid a good distance on K-10 before leaving the highway. His motorcycle was found lying next to a utility pole just off the roadway.

Keiter stated that there was no determination as to why the biker went down on the roadway.

Donna Labelle a resident who lives on the north side of K-10 near where the accident was said that she didn’t hear the accident but her son Logan alerted her to  accident when he heard all the sirens at the scene.

“That’s about where that girl flipped over last summer where she hit the chair,” Labelle said. “We always get three or four accidents right in this area each year.”  (Editors note: Link to story about that June accident:  www.eudorareporter.com/accident-causes-late-night-power-outage-through-most-of-eudora/)

One lane of eastbound K-10 was shutdown while crews worked the scene and the accident was cleared up in just under an hour.


K-10_Grass_FirePhoto taken from Eastbound K-10 near East 1900 Road (photo courtesy Deana Alvarez)

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Update 9:10 PM:  It appears that there is a couple of very minor hots pots south of K-10. A couple of crews are putting those out and expect to have them cleared quickly and easily.

UPDATE 8:55 PM: Moments after we posted our story, reports started to roll in that the grass fire has restarted near the intersection of K-10 and North 1900 Road. Crews are heading back towards the area to work the rekindling of the fire.  We will update as information comes in.

Crews from multiple fire departments fought a large grass fire in eastern Douglas County between Lawrence and Eudora. The fire broke out around  7:00 PM.

Motorists on K-10 were stopped by the flames near the intersection of K-10 and 1900 Road.  According to Deana Alvarez who was returning to Eudora from Lawrence, she stated it looked rather large.

“I am quite sure it was at least a mile long north to the south, I had someone say to me that the train tracks were damaged, so that tells me it went further North also,” Alvarez said. “It went south as far as I could see.”

According to Alvarez it appeared that fire was on the west side of 1900 Road.  The two businesses located in that area are the Twin Oaks Golf Complex just to the south of K-10 and Davenport Orchard and Winery near North 1400 Road. Both business are on the east side of 1900 Road.

Alvarez stated that she was stuck in traffic for approximately 30 minutes while waiting for the roadway to be opened. She stated that cars were trying to find alternate routes causing traffic concerns as well.

“Cars tried to cut across to the North, but it was not any different. Cars were trying to go around which caused so much more problems,” Alvarez told us. “Police were trying to keep traffic in control as well.”

The fire was fueled by gusty winds which were estimated to be a steady 30 m.p.h. with gusts reaching into the 40-50 m.p.h. range.  According to the National Weather Service, winds will be gusty through the night. The NWS has issued a wind advisory in effect until 4:00 AM Monday morning.

Fire crews were able to extinguish the blaze around 8:30 PM. Most crews were cleared from the scene around that time, though a few remained near the railroad tracks north of K-10 to extinguish hot spots and clean up fire department equipment.


K-10 accident - powerCrews work to replace a utility pole damaged in a late night accident on K-10 (photo courtesy Eudora Public Works Department)

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8:30 AM Update:

We spoke with Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter who told us that the driver of the vehicle was a 20 year-old female.  The driver was heading east on K-10 when she suddenly came upon a piece of furniture sitting in the roadway.

“She tried to swerve to miss the piece of furniture but was unable to avoid it,” Keiter said. “She ended up off the highway and upside down wrapped around the utility pole.”

Keiter said the driver was transported to Overland Park Regional Medical Center to be checked out, but she was able to get out of the vehicle under her own power.  Keiter said the driver was wearing her seat belt.

“She ended up hanging there upside down for a time held in by her seat belt,” Keiter told us. “Her injuries did not appear to be significant.”

Original Story:

Around 10:30 PM Wednesday night, emergency crews were called to the scene  of a one car accident on eastbound K-10 just east of the Church Street exit.   Reporting partner The Lawrence Journal-World said that a female driver need to extricated from underneath the vehicle.  The vehicle struck a power pole off to the side of the road and caused a lengthy power outage for much of Eudora.

“The pole broke about 6 feet from the top which caused the wires to sag to a clearance of about 14 feet above K-10 highway,” Public Works Director Mike Hutto said. “Because of the danger Westar killed power to one of the transformers at the Eudora substation, which caused a black out for several residents until we could fix the pole.”

Hutto stated that power was cut to residents north of K-10 and west of Church Street. The outage also affected the Greenway apartment complex located at K-10 and Church Street to the east.  Hutto added that city crews were able to use equipment to attach to the remainder of the broken pole and temporarily lift the wires to allow traffic to move on on K-10.  Traffic was re-routed through Eudora for approximately two hours as crews worked to fix the lines.  Power was restored to residents around 1:20 AM.

Hutto says that city crews will be replacing the pole today and there should be no power outages with the pole replacement.

We will continue to work on finding out the cause of the accident and the condition of the driver today. We will update the story when we learn of new information.



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One person was injured in an early morning crossover accident on westbound K-10 just west of Eudora.   Multiple units were called to the scene of the accident at approximately 7:00 AM.

According to Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker, a car crossed over from the eastbound lanes striking a car heading west. The silver car appeared to have rolled over into the ditch on the north side of the highway.

The driver of the silver car was transported by ambulance to Overland Park Regional Medical Center.  There was no word on the condition of the victim. The driver of the blue car that appeared to not be injured.

Eudora crews along with Douglas County and State Highway Patrol officials were working the scene of the accident. There was no word yet as to the official cause of the accident, but significant rain at the time of the accident may have played a part.

One lane of traffic was able to move past the accident scene with only a small backup occurring.

Alison Shutt receiving her award from KDOT

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One year ago this week, Ali Shutt lost her 5-year-old son Cainan in a tragic accident on K-10 near Church Street, when an impaired driver crossed the median and collided with a minivan driven by Cainan’s grandfather.

Since the accident, Shutt, along with a multitude of citizens and politicians, worked to get the Kansas Department of Transportation to install cable median barriers along the K-10 corridor.  In November 2011, KDOT agreed to a project that will install those barriers between the two Eudora exits and near the K-10/K-7 interchange in Johnson County.

Wednesday, Shutt was honored by KDOT with their annual People Saving People Award at the 18th Annual Transportation Safety Conference in Topeka.

“I’m honored to have won this award,” Shutt said. “I hope we do save people with it.”

The People Saving People Award is presented annually to an individual, project or organization that has positively impacted transportation safety in Kansas.

Shutt expressed her gratitude to the many people involved in the initiative to get the barriers installed.

“My family has been behind me the whole way and the whole community of Eudora fought really hard for us as well, as did the members of the safety committee.”

In May 2011, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback ordered a committee to be formed that was comprised of citizens, elected officials and KDOT officials to look at how to improve safety along the K-10 corridor from Lawrence to Johnson County.

Shutt, along with a grassroots campaign led by Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson and a multitude of people via a Facebook page, worked vigorously in an attempt to get KDOT to install the cable barriers.

Shutt, along with her 2-year-old daughter Courtlynn who was injured in the crash, and several family members attended the awards luncheon at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Topeka.

“She (Courtlynn) was completely cleared last month and doesn’t have to go back to the spine doctor for another year now,” according to Shutt.

Construction of the cable median barriers is currently expected to occur in late summer or early fall 2012.


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