This is a simple story about an experience I had that I wanted to share with you all. It drives home the point of why Eudora is such a great community.

Over this Halloween weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the town I grew up in, Alton, Illinois. Alton is a town of approximately 30,000 people located on the banks of the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis, MO.

One of Alton’s biggest events of the year, is the annual Halloween parade. This parade features mostly children dressed up in their Halloween costumes and riding on floats. Some businesses participate and a few of the High School marching bands from the area also participate, but the focus is on the children. This was a parade that I myself participated in as a youngster involved in Cub Scouts.

My parents are getting older (aren’t we all) and could not sit outside for the duration of this parade due to typical October night time  temperatures. Therefore, we parked a car along the parade route, as many others also do, so they had a comfortable and warmer place to sit while viewing the parade. Constantly during the parade, people kept moving and standing in front of the vehicle because there was an open space along the parade route. When this occurred, a family member would politely ask them to move so that my parents could see the parade from the comfort and warmth of the car. Finally, as the night wound on, people started becoming belligerent and uncaring about an older couple just simply wanting to see the floats in the parade.  Alcohol also was heavily in use and evidenced but not only cups and cans, but the smell of it on the breath of many.

I have had the good fortune of attending several parades in Eudora. Again, several cars are parked along Main St. for the parade, but at no time have I ever seen problems between parade viewers occur before. People allow the children to go out and grab the candy thrown, but the children are polite and well behaved and retreat to where they were standing.  I have seen parents make sure there children are safe and then make sure they don’t obstruct other people’s views or get out of control. The parents are all very cordial and don’t act in a manner that would be considered inappropriate for adult behavior.

This is not a column about the use of alcohol. I myself, have tipped back one or two at home or at parties I have attended. Public behavior like this though, is an example of what gives a city a bad impression.

It is so pleasant to live in a town and interact with people on a regular basis that know how to be kind and courteous to others.  Thank you Eudora, for being such a great hometown.

John Schulz

Managing Editor