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2014_05_08_Semi_fireA semi-truck caught fire late Wednesday night near the HP Pelzer facility in the East Hills Business Park. (photo courtesy the Eudora Public Works and Police Departments)  

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Eudora Emergency crews were called to the scene of a semi-tractor fire late Wednesday night in Eudora.  According to Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter, the fire erupted just before midnight in a truck that was leaving the HP Pelzer facility with scrap materials from the the manufacture of floor mats. The HP Pelzer facility in Eudora produces molded urethane foam backed automotive floor carpets.

Keiter said that when crews arrived on the scene, they initially thought the building itself was on fire, but quickly determined that the fire was confined to a semi just off the property.

“After they saw it was a semi fire, it was determined that the City and Township Fire Departments would be able to handle the situation,” Keiter said. “We had a master stream to knock down the larger parts of the fire and then used hand lines to try and get it under control until Public Works could get here with the high loader to help us out.”

To put out the fire, crews from the City had to tear off the side wall of the trailer and empty the contents onto the street so that it could be completely extinguished. Keiter said that the scrap materials, which contained mainly carpeting and rubber, were bailed together and compacted causing extra difficulty in putting out the fire.

“For a deep seeded fire like this, we had to use foam to make sure it was all the way out,” Keiter stated.  Crews had the fire under control around 1:00 AM.

Keiter added that once the blaze was extinguished, Public Works crews moved the materials off of the roadway and made sure the street would be open to traffic. He said state fire investigators would be on scene today to try and determine a cause of the fire.  Keiter did not indicate there were any injuries to the truck driver or any crews involved.



Pelzer fireCrews work a loading dock fire at HP Pelzer Sunday morning (photo by Eudorareporter.com Managing Editor John Schulz)

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Fire crews were called to the scene of a structure fire at the HP Pelzer production facility located at 1201 Cardinal Drive on the east side of Eudora early Sunday morning.

The fire broke out around 8:30 AM and was first spotted by Eudora Police Officer Daniel Flick who was on routine patrol when he saw smoke coming from the building.

“I was driving east on K-10 and saw the smoke rising over the building and exited quickly to go investigate,” Flick said. “When I got here I could see flames coming from the loading dock.”   Flick said he alerted staff in the building of the fire and the two people on duty were quickly evacuated.


Firefighters extinguish a blaze at the loading docks of HP Pelzer Sunday morning

Fire crews from Eudora, Eudora Townshp, Wakarusa Township and Lawrence rushed to the scene and discovered that the fire at the exterior of the building. Further investigation inside of the building found that the fire had not reached the interior.  Crews extinguished the flames on the exterior and had the fire put out a few minutes after 9:00 AM.

The building, which according to the HP Pelzer website, is a manufacturing plant  producing molded urethane foam backed automotive floor carpets.

Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter and Eudora Township Fire Chief Mike Baxter said they could not determine a cause immediately following the fire.

“There is no obvious ignition point on the exterior of the building,” Keiter said. “It is possible that something with the truck that was parked there could have started the blaze.”

Keiter said that HP Pelzer staff informed him that a truck left the facility approximately two to three hours before the fire was reported. He said HP Pelzer staff were trying to track the truck down to make sure there was not some type of mechanical problem with the semi.

There is no word on damage estimates that they fire caused and if this will impact plant operations.  Fire investigators were being called in shortly after the fire was extinguished.


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Eudora could soon see it’s first ever billboard. This billboard, if approved, would be located near K-10 on the HP Pelzer property in the Intech Business Park.

The billboard would be double sided so it could be read in both directions on K-10 and it would measure 10′ wide by ’30 feet high. The billboard will be owned by Ad Trend, Inc. of Kansas City Missouri. (Editor Note: The billboard in the picture above is not representative of this size.)

You don’t see many billboards along K-10 between the Kansas City Metro area and Lawrence due to restrictions placed by KDOT which controls the right of way along side the road and the K-10 Highway Overlay District. The only way billboards can be placed along side K-10 is on private property inside city limits and the billboards must meet various city code restrictions.

In Eudora, the restrictions are rather numerous.  As Planning Commission Chairman Kurt von Achen described “This is probably the only spot in the city of Eudora where a billboard can be placed.”

Many Planning Commission members are concerned about this billboard. The exact placement of the billboard is still being looked into as to ensure that it meets the rigorous restrictions in place.  There are a couple of requirements Ad Trend has yet to meet before the billboard can be erected. Those include a public access easement and lettering and graphics that must be approved prior to placing advertisements on the billboard.

Planning Commissioners are also concerned about what type of advertisements may appear on the board. Ad Trend stated at the last Planning Commission meeting that they don’t accept advertising from advertisers such as tobacco, “adult” products and establishments, or controversial organizations.

The only landowner in the immediate area of this board is Air Filter Plus which is located next door to the property. While the billboard does not extend into the property of Air Filter Plus, it is in rather close proximity.  Representatives of Air Filter Plus were in attendance at the meeting to voice their unhappiness with the proposed signage.

Planning Commission members, while expressing distaste for the billboard, may have no legal way to prevent this board. “We may have no choice but to approve this” von Achen stated. “The company has done all their research and followed all the rules that are on the books.”