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Fire investigators have determined that dryer lint caused the house located at 927 Church Street to catch fire early Sunday morning.

According to Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter, state and local investigators determined late Sunday evening that a spark ignited lint near the rear exhaust of the clothes dryer. The lint caught fire and started a blaze that gutted the interior of the house.

“This is not the first time I’ve seen this happen,” Keiter told the Eudora City Commission on his report of the fire. “People normally take the trap out at the front of their dryer and clean it regularly, but they don’t think about the back side where it exhausts to the outside.”

Keiter recommended that people clean their vents on a regular basis to help avoid the lint build up in the exhaust pipe.

“About every six months, I take a snake, similar to one plumbers use to clear a sewer pipe, and wrap a rag around the end of the snake,” Keiter said. “One I make sure the rag is secure and attached, I then will run that all the way down the length of the vent pipe until it exits outside.”

Homeowner Eric Quisenberry had stated that he had started his clothes dryer shortly before leaving Sunday around 7:30 AM.  Around 9:00 AM, passing motorists called 911 to report flames and smoke at the location.   Firefighters arrived and spent nearly four hours extinguishing the blaze.


927_Church_StreetFirefighters spent four hours battling a house fire on Church Street in midtown Sunday morning (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz) 


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Crews from around the region were called to the scene of a house fire at 927 Church Street in midtown Eudora shortly after 9:00 AM Sunday morning.

City crews were first on the scene and discovered the house fully involved in the fire. Personnel from Eudora Township, Wakarusa Township and Lawrence arrived moments later to help fight the flames.

Owner Eric Quisenberry said he had left around 7:30 AM and returned when he received a phone call alerting him to the fire.

“I got a call from brother telling me the house was burning and I got back here as quickly as I could,” Quisenberry said.  “I’m just glad no one was home and my neighbors were safe.”

Quisenberry said that while he had no idea how to proceed, he did have family and his parents in the area to stay with at least temporarily.

Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter said that five fire fighters were overcome by heat related illness due to the fire and the humid weather conditions. One of the five was taken by fire personnel to Lawrence Memorial Hospital for treatment and the other four were treated on scene. A sixth fire fighter was injured when they fell down the stairway of the house which was loaded with debris from the fire. The firefighter was transported via ambulance to LMH.  The extent of the firefighters injuries were unknown, but Keiter said he expected all six firefighters would be okay.


A second alarm was called in approximately two hours after the first reports of the fire and crews from Baldwin City arrived to assist as many of the first responders were overcome by the heat.

Shortly after Baldwin City arrived on scene, the fire was said to be under control and multiple crews spent another two hours putting out hot spots and smoldering debris.

There were no immediate reports of the cause of the fire. Firefighters said it appeared to have started in the back portion of the house where Quisenberry said the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room were located. Quisenberry said he had started his dryer shortly before leaving Sunday morning.  State and local fire investigators were on scene and expected to spend a remainder of the afternoon on site trying to determine the exact cause.

Fire officials estimate that the house is likely a total loss.


Quail Ct. FireFire destroyed a house in the 2200 block of Quail Court late Tuesday night (Photo courtesy spotter Sydney)

Story by Ian Cummings, courtesy The Lawrence Journal-World

A Eudora house fire that drew fire crews from three area departments Tuesday night appears to have started in the home’s chimney, officials said Wednesday.

Fire crews responded to the house fire in the 2200 block of Quail Court, on the south side of Kansas Highway 10 and just east of Eudora High School, about 11:40 p.m. Tuesday, as reported by the Journal-World’s news partner, Operation 100. The second story of the house was engulfed in flames and the roof collapsed about an hour later.

The fire was declared under control around 1:10 a.m.

The home was owned by Steve Spence and Mary Kay Gregory. Everyone in the house escaped safely, and no injuries were reported.

Eudora City Fire Chief Ken Keiter said state fire investigators believed the fire spread from the home’s working fireplace — which the residents were using at the time — into the upper reaches of the chimney and caused a fire in the attic. The residents said they were not aware the house was on fire until a passing motorist knocked on their door to alert them. They had dismissed the activation of their smoke alarms, thinking it was caused by the fireplace.

The house would most likely be declared a total loss, Keiter said, and the residents are staying with local family members.

Keiter advised people to make sure their smoke alarms are working properly and to investigate their home for danger if the alarms sound.


Firefighters Quail CtFirefighters on the scene of House Fire at 23rd Street and Quail Court in Eudora (photo courtesy Ace Spotter Sydney)

Story by Mike Frizzell of Operation 100, courtesy The Lawrence Journal-World

Firefighters from at least three area departments were called to respond on a report of a structure fire in Eudora.

The call was dispatched around 11:40 p.m. at 2218 Quail Court. The address is on the south side of Kansas Highway 10, just east of Eudora High School.

Law Enforcement arrived on the scene to report the east side of the structure was heavily involved in fire. Fire crews arrived to report heavy flames visible from the south and east sides of the two story home.

The residents of the home told emergency crews that everyone was out of the home safely.

As of 12:10 a.m., firefighters report the roof of the home is nearly fully engulfed. Crews remain inside the home battling the flames from the second story.

Just before 1 a.m., a Fire Safety Officer reported a partial roof collapse. Incident command made radio contact with each firefighter team on the inside of the structure. All crews were clear of the collapse area and continue to put water on the fire.

The fire was reported to be “under control” at 1:07 a.m.. Dispatchers report that crews were on scene for one hour 20 minutes before the fire was brought under control.

Quail Ct. FireMorning sunlight brought into focus the extent of the damage to the house at 23rd and Quail Court. (photo courtesy Ace Spotter Sydney)