2014 Homecoming Caniddates2014 Homecoming Candidates (l-r) Grant Stewart and Kassy Wise, Jon Miller and Brenna Sparks, Camden Leary and Hannah Theverajoo, and Trey Byrne and Lauren Gabriel. (Photo courtesy the Eudora School District)

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Mother Nature decided she wanted to interfere with Homecoming activities scheduled for Wednesday in Eudora.  Originally, the Homecoming parade was scheduled to begin at 5:30 PM and the ensuing pep rally was to take place in CPA Park. Due to the inclement weather possibilities, the parade was cancelled and the pep rally was moved to the EHS Gymnasium.  Homecoming candidates along with the fall sports teams were introduced to the crowd indoors.

Homecoming activities will continue through the next couple of days, depending on weather situations. As of publication time, the EHS Soccer game set for 5:00 P.M. Thursday is still a go.  The weather forecast does call for thunderstorms throughout the day on Thursday.

Friday, the EHS Football team will play Basehor-Linwood at Eudora District Stadium.  Game time is 7:00 P.M.  The Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at halftime.  While rain is currently not expected on Friday, you might want to take some warmer clothes (and possibly a parka). The Friday forecast is for dry conditions, but it is expected to partly cloudy and windy with the high during the day reaching only 57. The overnight low is expected to get down to 38 degrees.  At game time, the temperature is expected to be in the upper 40’s.

Weren’t we all wearing shorts at last weeks game?  Well, welcome to Kansas…..


2012 Homecoming Candidates (photo courtesy The Eudora School District)

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Eudora High School has announced the 2012 Homecoming Court:

Pictured above from left: Nick Becker, Danelle Topil, Chris Snow, Erin Klotz, Gabe Cleveland, Jennifer Pyle, Tate Long and Emma Beck.

The annual Homecoming Parade is set to take place Wednesday afternoon starting at 5:30PM and will make it’s way from the Laws Field parking lot to downtown Eudora where the parade will wrap up at 9th and Main Street.  For more information about the specific parade route, you can check on our story from last week: http://www.eudorareporter.com/homecoming-parade-schedule-and-route/

The Eudora High Football team will be making their triumphant return to Eudora District Stadium this Friday evening at 7:00PM.  The team, 5-0 on the season, will take on Saint James Academy. The Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned during halftime festivities.