Hesper Friends Church

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With Easter fast approaching, we wanted to provide a list of services and times for the area churches leading up to Easter.  Below are the churches that responded to our request for information.

Assembly of God

Friday, April 22  6:30PM – Community Good Friday Service

Sunday, April 24 10:30AM – Easter Sunday Service

Clearfield United Methodist Church

Friday, April 22  7:00PM –  Good Friday Service

Sunday, April 24 6:30AM – Easter Sunrise Service

Eudora Baptist Church

Sunday April 24

8:00AM – Worship Service

9:00AM – Sunday School

10:15AM – Worship Service

Eudora United Methodist Church

Thursday, April 21 7:00PM – Maundy Thursday Service

Friday, April 22  6:30PM – Community Good Friday Service @ Assembly of God

Saturday, April 23 3:00PM – Community Easter Egg Hunt @ Medicalodges

Sunday, April 24

6:30AM – Sunrise Service

7:00AM – Easter Breakfast

9:30AM – Children’s Easter Celebration

10:30AM – Worship Service

Hesper Friends Church

Sunday, April 24

8:00AM – Early Service

8:30AM – Breakfast

9:30AM – Sunday School and Kids Resurrection Egg hunt

10:30AM – Worship Service

Holy Family Catholic Church

Thursday, April 21 7:00PM – Holy Thursday Service

Friday, April 22

3:00PM – Stations of the Cross

7:00PM – Good Friday Liturgy

Saturday, April 23 7:00PM – Easter Vigil

Sunday, April 24 9:30AM – Easter Sunday Mass

St. Paul United Church of Christ

Friday, April 22  6:30PM – Community Good Friday Service @ Assembly of God

Sunday April 24

6:30AM – Sunrise Service@ Lewis & Barbara Box Farm

10:00AM – Easter Service

Yokefellowship Baptist Church

Sunday, April 24 1:30PM – Sunday Service


For locations of all the churches in Eudora, you can simply go to: http://www.eudorareporter.com/cityinformation/churches/ or look under the City Information tab on the menu above and select Churches.


The Eudora Ministerial Alliance will be holding an non denominational prayer service Sunday November 21 at 5:00PM at Hesper Friends Church.

The offering during the service is a donation to the Emergency Assistance Fund. This fund was established for those who seek help from the area churches with food, rent, utilities and other needed assistance.  Along with a Good Friday service,  this service is the main fund raising effort so that the churches can continue to give back to the community they serve.

Following the prayer service, refreshments will be provided.

Hesper Friends Church is located at 2355 N 1100th Road. This is approximately one mile south and one mile east of the K-10 and Church St. interchange.