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As of February 21st, the Eudora School District changed the start time of both the High School and Middle School to facilitate making up snow days.  With this decision, the consequences were that both the High School and Middle School start at the exact same time of 8:00 AM.

This has caused a a two-fold impact to residents in the area of the High and Middle schools.  The amount of traffic along Church Street has risen dramatically prior to the start of school and extended wait times to try to turn onto Church St.  The other issue is drivers who disregard the posted limits which include the school zone speed limit indicated by the flashing yellow light.

At the Eudora City Commission meeting on Monday night, the subject was brought up to the City Commissioners.

Terry Watts, a resident of the neighborhood, brought up concerns about driver safety. He stated that on multiple times drivers “have passed me in the right hand turn lane going into the high school at speeds higher than the school zone speed limit.”

We also had an avid reader of email us over the weekend about the traffic volume in the area due to the matched school start times.

“It literally takes 10 minutes to turn left out of the high school in the morning. This is a dangerous intersection every morning.”

Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker stated “While inconvenience is not a public safety problem, if there is a public safety issue”, referring to driver speeds, “we will address that.”

Walker has instructed the School Resource Officer to do studies this week and monitor the flow of traffic in the area of the two schools.

“We don’t have the staff to direct traffic each morning out there” Walker stated. “If there is an emergency somewhere else in town, I don’t have the officers on duty to respond if they are handling traffic in the area.”

About wait times and traffic volume Walker stated “this is a School District issue.”