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KDOT has announced that project to install rumble strips on the shoulders of K-10 in Douglas County will begin this coming Monday September 12. The entire 8.5 mile stretch of K-10 in Douglas County will also be resurfaced and the shoulders will be widened to 10-foot outside shoulders and 6-foot inside/median shoulders.  Rumble strips will be placed on both the interior and exterior shoulders.

According to KDOT spokesperson Kimberly Qualls, the project will start at the eastern city limits of Lawrence and both eastbound and westbound traffic will be reduced to one-lane and the speed limit lowered to 55 mph during work hours on the project.  The press release also states that no work will take place during the peak travel times of 6-9 a.m and 3-6 p.m weekdays. Work will also be suspended on Saturdays when KU has a home football game.  Crews will work primarily during the overnight hours, though some daytime hours may be used for repaving and reconstruction.  The project is expected to be completed by early November 2011.

Drivers along K-10 should expect delays and are encouraged to find alternate routes of possible during the construction project.

The addition of rumble strips to the shoulders was ordered by Governor Sam Brownback earlier this year in response to a letter by Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson stating his and others concern about safety along the K-10 corridor.


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Governor Sam Brownback on Friday announced the road construction and repair projects for Northeast Kansas for the next few years. Among the biggest attention grabber of the programs announced, was the completion of the South Lawrence Trafficway from Iowa Street east to K-10.

“We are going to finish the South Lawrence Trafficway,” Brownback said.  “It will get done. We are going to do this.”

The SLT project is now projected to cost $192 million and could possibly become a toll road.

KDOT Secretary Deb Miller stated that KDOT is working on a way to allow local traffic on the SLT at no cost and have either an entry or exit toll booth where the SLT meets I-70 and possibly at the other end where the SLT would meet K-10.

“We will be studying the feasibility of a toll road as we go through the design phases of the project” Miller said.

We asked if there would be a separate toll gate on the SLT prior to reaching I-70 (where the turnpike toll gates are) Miller said that they would try to work with the KTA and see if  the possibility of tying into the Turnpike toll system would be available. “If we do add a toll system, we will make sure there is an easy to use electronic system for tolling.”

Other projects announced on Friday include improvements at the I-70 and K-7 interchange in Wyandotte County, an additional exit on I-35 between Gardner and Edgerton to facilitate the new intermodal facility near the location and a major improvement project from the 435/35/K-10 interchange in Johnson County.

Ali Shutt and Gov. Brownback

Also in attendance at the Governor’s press conference on Friday was Ali Shutt, the mother of 5 year old Cainan Shutt who was killed in the crossover accident on K-10 near the Church Street exit back in April.

Shutt was able to speak to the Governor for a few minutes to plead her case for cable barriers on the K-10 corridor.

“He (referring to the Governor) was compassionate about the accident and told me that he is really working on the barrier issue” Shutt said. “I was impressed that he was well aware of the situation and wanted to get something done on K-10.”


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With the tragic accident that claimed two lives and injured three others on K-10 Saturday, Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson has decided to stand up and try to do something about it.

Hopson is sending a letter to Kansas Governor Brownback where he requests the Governor to “direct the Secretary of Transportation to immediately begin work to install wire barriers in the median of K-10 from Lawrence to I-435.”

In Hopson’s letter he stated:

We have been told that KDOT has resisted placing wire barriers in the median at this stretch of road because the benefit cost ratio completed in 2009 determined that these barriers were not warranted due to the low numbers of accidents or deaths in the area.  I can tell you now that the death toll on this stretch of road has exceeded our community’s benefit cost ratio and that we request barriers be installed immediately.

Hopson also is circulating the letter to the Mayors of Lawrence, De Soto, Overland Park, Lenexa and Olathe in the hope that they will join his campaign for wire barriers along the K-10 corridor.

“It’s my responsibility not only to the citizens of Eudora but to all the people who travel K-10.” Hopson said.  “Policy makers aren’t traveling K-10 on a regular basis and it’s our responsibility to bring it to their attention.”

There is also a groundswell of support for barriers along K-10 on Facebook.

Jodi Jackson, an area resident, started the page at 7AM Tuesday morning and by 6:15PM that evening, the page had garnered over 325 “likes”.

Jackson stated that she was one car in front of the accident that occurred near the Church St. exit on K-10 Saturday.

“What if that had been me in that car?” Jackson said. “I have my own children and I can’t imagine what I would be going through, had it been me.”


Left to Right:  Sen.  Holland, Lauren Gabriel, Gov. Brownback, Mindy McClaskey, & Sydney Coleman

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Three student from Eudora Middle School had the opportunity recently to serve as pages in State Senator Tom Holland’s office and meet Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

Lauren Gabriel, Mindy McClaskey and Sydney Coleman, officers on the Student Council at Eudora Middle School, were asked by Sen. Holland’s office to come serve as pages for the day for Holland on February 8th.