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At the Eudora School Board meeting on Thursday night, one of the topics that was brought to the Board of Education was the possibility of adding Girls Soccer to the sports team lineup at Eudora High School.  Currently, the EHS Soccer teams  are co-ed.

Several Board members, while expressing interest in forming the new team, were concerned about the financial impact of adding a new sports team when the Board is facing the likelihood of some deep cuts in revenue. (Editor Note: a full story on the budget situation will be up soon.)

“I wouldn’t be in favor of this at this particular time” Eudora School Superintendent Don Grosdidier stated at the Board meeting. “The cost of adding something at a time when we are talking about making significant reductions….I’m not in favor of that.”

Board member Joe Pyle stated “I’d love to put it in” (referring to girls soccer), “The numbers are there for it, but right now…it would be difficult to do.”

The Board made the decision to table this idea for now and not take any action this year. To be able to field a girls soccer team for the 2012 school year, the decision would have to be made at this time due to  scheduling and preparations that need to be made in advance. The Board recommended that the issue be brought back next year and see if money would be available at that time.

Editorial Comment:

As a post script to the story, I did quickly publish the fact that the Board voted down a Girls Soccer team on our Facebook page. Several comments were added to the posting about why that decision was made by the board.  We will not take a stand one way or another on those comments  as those comments are the opinions of the person posting them.  We will comment on our post though.

While the board, and we want to clarify this very obviously, did NOT VOTE on the action, the decision to table it, effectively ends the possibility for the 2012 school year. Procedurally, the board did not say no. They also did not say yes.   In reality, taking no action has the same effect as a no vote. I am not trying to misrepresent what actions the board did, or in this case, the fact that the board did not act upon. I am trying to represent what the result of those actions were.  I was in error with the wording used on our Facebook post. I offer an apology for that.  For the record also, action or no action, the outcome remains the same.

John Schulz – Managing Editor