700 main stThe title screen shot of 700 main st, a production by Eudora High School Senior Emily Durkin

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One of the things Downtown Eudora has going for it is history.  While buildings have come, been added on to or remodeled and in a few cases demolished, many of the buildings that occupy the 700 block of Main Street have stood the test of both time and mother nature for over 100 years.   A new video out on YouTube features some of that history and some interesting aspects of one such building located at the the corner of 7th and Main Street.

700 main st, a production by Eudora High School senior Emily Durkin is part historical, part investigative.  Durkin created the film as a project for her High School Audio/Video class.

“Ever since last year, I’ve been very interested in it,” Durkin said referring to making a movie. “And next year, I’ll be attending Baylor University studying digital media and film.”

Durkin provides a very well researched narrative on some of the buildings downtown and features an interview with Eudora Area Historical Society Director Ben Terwilliger in the first portion of the video.

Where the film gets fascinating is around the 5-minute mark when Durkin delves into possible supernatural activity of the building at 700 Main.  Durkin interviews her mother Amy, whose law office occupies the first floor of the building now, and LeeAnn Johnson, a paralegal for the law firm. Both attest in the film about strange occurrences in the building.

“The basement is the really scary part for me,” Durkin told us. “There was a barber shop located down there at one time and you can see what looks like tunnels that  lead under the street.”

A tunnel system has long been rumored to exist under Main Street connecting Kaw Valley Bank’s original location (aka 700 Main Street) to what was the City Mercantile (now Black Lodge Recording Studio) and possibly connect to the Pilla house just up the street in the 600 block of Main as well.

“The tunnel appears to be filled in now, but you can see the shape of what likely was the entrance,” Durkin said.

Is Downtown Eudora haunted? We will leave the answer to that to the Ghosthunters, but if you want to hear some stories and decide for yourself, you can watch 700 main st on YouTube.