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We have many great sponsors of this website who keep this site running.  Many have been with us for a long time and we thank all of them.

We have had several fine folks join our family of advertisers of late and we wanted to call out some attention to them.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital has come on board with several new programs to help you lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

LMH is offering heart risk assessments to help reduce your risk for heart attacks and other heart related problems.  You can find out more information by clicking on the link to heart risk assessment page LMH Heart Risk Assessments.

Also, LMH has gained recognition lately for their treatments and studies in various cancer related diseases.  If you would like to find out more about their Oncology studies you can click on the following link: LMH Oncology Studies.

Besides the great folks at LMH, which own and operate Eudora Family Care, we have another great partner to welcome to the family of advertisers.

Gene’s Heartland Foods at 14th and Church Streets has seen the power of advertising. You will now be able to see, with one simple click on their advertisement, the WEEKLY ADVERTISEMENT  for Gene’s and all the specials they have for that week.  You no longer have to wait for the mail to come or pick up a copy of the Lawrence newspaper just to see the ad. Through our partnership with Gene’s, you will also see various special promotions that they are planning in the future.

Gene’s Heartland Foods, which operates ten other stores in the state of Kansas with an additional store in Nebraska, has made a large commitment to our community and made significant  improvements to the store in Eudora. The entire organization from local managers Lance and Craig to the president of the company want to serve you for all your grocery and household needs. From personal experience, we have noticed a greatly improved meat counter, produce and dairy dairy departments and the prices are competitive with what you can find in Lawrence.  You no longer need to drive to Lawrence to find affordable groceries.

Finally, another new sponsor is DCCCA, Inc. which is a Douglas County organization that is a provider of quality education, prevention and treatment services for individuals and families across the State of Kansas.  For over thirty years, DCCCA has provided a variety of human services and played an active role in helping clients improve their quality of life.

Currently they are partnering with several state and county organizations to help families with the problems of underage drinking.  If you would like more information on how to help your kids overcome the dangers of underage drinking, you can go to  There are multiple resources for parents, communities and kids at the site.

While these are our newest sponsors who we greatly welcome, make sure to visit all of our sponsors and tell them you saw their ad on  Each one of our great advertisers has committed to making the site available to you.  Make sure that you appreciate their support.

We are proud supporters of our community and the businesses that are a part of our great town.  No matter if it’s holiday shopping needs, everyday type items, a meal, or general services, make sure to SHOP EUDORA FIRST.  


Eudora News and

One of the anchor businesses in Eudora is about to change hands.  C&S Market will be sold at the end of the month to Clasen Inc. of Wichita.  Clasen, a family owned business since it’s inception, operates seven stores throughout Kansas under the name Gene’s Heartland Foods.  Locations include Dodge City, Ft. Scott, Smith Center, Wamego, Ellsworth, Minneapolis and Anthony. Eudora will be the 8th store in the regional chain and the name will be changed from C&S Market to Gene’s Heartland Foods.

According to Ray Gembala, Vice President of Clasen Inc., much is planned for the Eudora store after it’s sale.

“We have plans for a pretty large investment in the store,” Gembala said. “We will be installing all new perishable cases in the produce, meat, deli and dairy area, and do some interior paint, repair and things like that.”

The store will feature the Shur Fine and Shur Fresh label products along with brand name items. Gembala also said that they are looking to expand their business into catering as well as expanding the deli.

“One of the things we will do is put a smoker in,” Gembala added. “In the rest of our stores we have the old hickory type smokers and that’s the anchor for our catering business.”

Gembala said the changes won’t happen overnight.  He expected it to be approximately 60 to 90 days before most of the modifications to the store are completed.

Additional employees will also likely be added to the store.

“While we can’t be exactly certain yet, we plan to really expand our deli operations which will require more people, we see that as a lot of potential in the store.” Gembala said. He also told us that with the catering service, the will also likely need more personnel in all the perishable departments.

As to prices, Gembala described that the merchandise in the store “will be competitive”.

We tried to reach Bryan Chumbley, current owner of C&S Market.  As of press time, calls and messages had not been returned. We hope to update the story as soon as we can reach him.