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aqua-climbThe new attraction at the Eudora Aquatic Center is the Aqua Climb (photo courtesy the Eudora Parks and Rec Department)

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It’s almost Memorial Day and you may be wondering, “Is it going to be 30 degrees or 90 degrees for the holiday weekend?”  We’ve had some drastic weather changes in the last week or so, but this is Kansas after all.  The good news is that no matter what the weather, the Eudora Aquatic Center will open this Saturday, May 24, as scheduled.  The pool officially opens at 1:00 pm on Saturday and will remain open until 7:00, as will be the schedule seven days a week for the rest of the season.  (FYI: the forecast is for beautiful weather in the 80’s with only slight chances of rain all weekend!)

Along with all the fun features that kids and adults alike have enjoyed in the past, there is something new this year at the Aquatic Center, the Aqua Climb.  It’s a 12-foot-high climbing wall that offers an exciting challenge for experienced swimmers…and a big splash if they fall before making it to the top.  Kids will no doubt be scrambling to be one of the first to try it out.  Because it’s in the deep end, kids must be able to swim before they can play on the Aqua Climb.

“If it goes over well,” said Eudora Parks and Rec Director Gary Scott, “we hope to add another one in a year or two so more than one kid could climb at a time.  Before we do that, however, we plan to add a new activity for younger kids in the shallow end.”

Once again, a lap swim for adults only will be available from noon to 1:00 on weekdays.  There will also be a noon water aerobics class, though details are pending.

The Eudora Aquatic Center is located at 1630 Elm St.  Admission is $3.00 for ages 3 and over; tots 2 and under are free.  Seniors 55-69 pay $1.50 while there is no charge for those 70 or older.  Season passes are also available: $65 for one child, $100 for an adult, or the bargain price of $125 for an entire family for the whole summer.  (Try to find that deal at any other pool!)  A single punch pass is $45 for 20 visits ($25 for seniors.)

You might want to consider a pool party for your child’s birthday or some other special occasion.  The pool can be reserved on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings for $100/hr.  Call 785-542-3434 to reserve a night for your party before all the spots are taken.




Nancy and Gary Scott with the pocket library they built

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If you think Eudora’s public library at 9th & Elm is small, you should see the one over on Mulberry Ct. Not much bigger than a large mailbox, it only holds about 25 books  It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The miniature library, known as a “pocket library,” is located in the front yard of Gary & Nancy Scott, 1305 Mulberry Ct.  The idea of small, accessible libraries is part of a national community movement called Little Free Library.  The project in our area began about two years ago when the Lawrence Public Library had to have a number of mature trees removed to make way for renovations.  The wood from those trees was made into 25 pocket libraries, and one of those made it to Eudora.

The Scotts had to build the miniature library themselves, but they did it as a group with other interested people and with the help of KU professors Matthew Burke and Mark Jakubauskas.  Participants were provided with wood that had to be cleaned, sanded and prepared.  They were able to create their own designs, so each little library is unique.  Each builder made a $100 donation to Friends of the Library, and then they could take their creation home or donate it to be auctioned off to raise additional library funds.

Children’s books fill the pocket library in the Scotts’ yard, though they may add other kinds of books later.

“I was a teacher for over 30 years,” said Nancy.  “I have lots of children’s books.  This is for the kids.  Lots of kids walk by here.  We just want them to know about it and use it.”

The library functions on an honor system so there is no check out procedures.  Books can be taken, read and returned at any time.  Gary and Nancy tucked a note inside each book with their names and address and with this message:  “We are glad you visited our ‘Little Free Library.’  You may take a book or two to read.  Please return when you are finished so that others may enjoy them, too.  This ‘Little Free Library’ was made from trees cut down at Lawrence Public Library.”

To learn more about the pocket library movement, visit




Eudora South Trail 003Assistant to the City manger Barack Matite and Parks & Rec Director Gary Scott hold the ribbon in place for the ceremony dedicating the new walking trail along Church Street.  Cutting the ribbon are (l-r:  Sunflower Foundation Program Officer Elizabeth Sewart, School Board members Joe Hurla, Belinda Rehmer, Joe Pyle, and City Commission members Jolene Born and Tim Reazin.  Photo by reporter Diane Chrislip)

Eudora News and Information –

A group of people braved the brisk temperatures and occasional raindrops to attend the ribbon cutting for the Eudora South Trail, a paved walkway that winds gracefully along Church Street in front of the middle school and high school.

The trail was made possible due to a generous grant from Sunflower Foundation along with the collaborative efforts of the City of Eudora and the Eudora School District.

“This is a great start to our master park and trail plan,” said City Commission member Tim Reazin. “I hope this leads to a walkway across K-10 to connect the city north and south and provide a safe pathway for pedestrians and bicyclists.”

Eudora Mayor Ruth Hughs said the idea for a trail began in January 2012 when a  committee began meeting to develop a recreation master plan. The input from the public indicated a great interest in additional trails and parks in Eudora. The Eudora South Trail is the result of efforts on the part of a multitude of citizens and city leaders. One of the goals in the master plan is to eventually have trails and sidewalks connecting all parts of Eudora.

Both Eudora District Superintendent Don Grosdidier and Eudora Recreation Director Gary Scott are struck by the number of people who already walk, jog or bicycle on the trail every day.

“Before the trail was even finished people were walking on it,” City Manager Mike Press said.

Eudora South Trail 004Leaders from the City, School District and Sunflower Foundation helped plant one of the trees that are being planted near the trail. (Photo by Reporter Diane Chrislip)

“It’s going to be very pretty,” Hughs said of the trail and the recently planted trees along it. “It will add to the aesthetics of our town.”

School board member Joe Pyle was especially impressed by the teamwork between the school district and the city.

“This trail will enhance the quality of life for all the citizens of Eudora,” Pyle said.

City Commissioner Jolene Born expressed much appreciation to Sunflower Foundation for the grant and for their support of healthy living.  “Without them, we wouldn’t be here today.”