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The City of Eudora has been working hard for the last several months to improve the quality of water in the city.  While we have been unable to obtain the latest numbers from the city,  numbers provided to us in late 2011 and early 2012 indicated that the city’s quality of water was showing significant improvement.  This has also been echoed by many residents who have noticed better color, clarity and taste.

Now, the next step is to talk about adding fluoride to water system.  The addition of fluoride is one that has two distinct views.  To add nor not to add.

According to John Harrenstein, the reasoning behind adding fluoride to the water is for improved teeth.

“Studies by the American Dental Association have shown the adding fluoride, in proper amounts, reduces cavities and strengthens dental health.”

Harrenstein also provided a chart that shows other nearby cities and their levels of fluoride in the water.

Harrenstein did add that it must be a very controlled system because adding too much to the water supply could cause problems.  Current recommendations by the Untied States Government are that fluoride levels in municipal water be 0.7 mp/l.

Opponents of  the addition of fluoride to municipal water systems  have  quite different view about adding it.  The Fluoride Action Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to opposing to adding fluoride to the water, lists multiple reasons to not add it to the water treatment process.

Quoting from their website:

“Excessive ingestion of fluoride during the early childhood years can damage the tooth-forming cells, leading to a defect in the enamel known as dental fluorosis.  Teeth impacted by fluorosis have visible discoloration, ranging from white spots to brown and black stains.”

The controversial nature of water fluoridation has led the city to hold two public hearings on the issue.  The first one will be held Monday, July 23 during the City Council meeting with the second to occur on Monday August 13.

“Because of the sometimes controversial nature of adding fluoride, we really need to hear from the citizens on this issue,” Harrenstein said.  “We want to be sensitive to what the public wants and people need to let us know, one way or the other.”

The public hearings will allow the opportunity for those served by the City of Eudora’s water system the opportunity to speak for or against adding fluoride to the water.  City Council meetings begin at 7:00 PM at Eudora City Hall, 4. E. 7th Street.